OVO launch new Chrome browser extension: the Carbon Capper

  • 27 November 2019
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OVO launch new Chrome browser extension: the Carbon Capper
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It’s easy to forget that almost every small action adds to your carbon footprint, for example, even sending an email results in a tiny amount of carbon emissions.


We’ve partnered with Mike Berners Lee to encourage the whole of the UK to ‘think before they thank’ and think twice about sending unnecessary emails. Find out more here.


Did you know?

:e-mail:  64 million pointless emails are sent every day, which adds up to 23,475 tonnes of carbon a year.

:e-mail:  If each of us cut down by one email a day, it would add up to over 16,433 tonnes a year saved. 


We’ve launched a free Google Chrome Extension called the Carbon Capper, which recognises when an email might be unnecessary and flags it to the sender. It’s available for everyone whether you’re an OVO member or not.

 Alongside this, you can add a “thanks in advance” email signature in Gmail:

  1. Head to Settings.

  2. Select Insert image and paste this link into the web address field.

  3. Add this text into the Signature box: Please consider this a ‘thanks’ in advance. Every email has a carbon footprint. So if you don't hear back from me, it's not because of you, it's because of the planet. #WhatWeCanDo


Cutting back on unnecessary emails won’t fix the climate crisis but it’ll make us think about the small things we do that leave a carbon footprint. If we want to get to net-zero carbon by 2030, even the smallest of changes can help if we all make them. 


What are your thoughts on this? Will any of you download the Carbon Capper extension?

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4 replies

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I’ve just got it added to my Chrome - super quick!

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This is a fantastic idea! I do not think work would allow me to push this out to all the computers around site via Group Policy or Google Chrome management haha. But I really like the idea :heart_eyes:

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Have you got it on your browser then @ITGeek123 ? I have it on my work and home desktop.


A useful tool for any basic ‘thanks’ emails, but I’ve had a bit of a test and some short emails slip through - anyone else had this?

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Hey @Tim_OVO 


Not sure why I didn’t see a notification for your reply :tired_face:


I have it installed on my home Chromebook :blush: