OVO Beyond - What is it and what does it include?

  • 18 September 2019
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OVO Beyond - What is it and what does it include?
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Serious about climate change and saving the planet? Let’s do it together.  Sign up for OVO Beyond now and be part of a movement towards zero carbon living. 


What’s OVO Beyond? 

OVO Beyond is a series of tools and features that help you work towards zero carbon.  

Your energy can change the world!

Upgrade any plan to OVO Beyond  and get the green energy and technology you need to supercharge your journey to zero carbon.


What’s included? 

Simple, everything we need to help us start our journey towards zero carbon living. 



Not a member yet? you can start your journey to zero carbon in under 2 mins here!


If you’re already a member, you can sign up to OVO Beyond today, here!


23 replies

So what is it?
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Updated the detail above @hiphopopotamus! Have a look at the webpage, tells you everything you need to know!
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OVO Beyond, @hiphopopotamus, is the best tool we have to reach our collective goal of zero carbon, check out the links in @Darran_OVO, for more details about the upgrade.

Hope this helps!
I took a look at this in response to a targetted Ovo email, which mentioned I would save money as I already pay £8 per month for the existing green bundle.

Slightly disappointed to find that I'm not eligible as I receive FIT payments from Ovo for my solar panels, which I only found out about from the terms and conditions. I'd have thought that Ovo would have known that already and therefore shouldn't have sent me the email in the first place? 🤔
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Ah, not great, thanks for the feedback @ludwiggj I've passed that on to the team involved.

Definitely something we should be aware of ahead of sending this out. 😞

Great to hear you have solar though, already doing your bit to support zero carbon! 🙂
LIke @ludwiggj I also received a targeted email although I'm not eligible due to our feed-in tariff. After seeing the above post & ignoring the email, I'm now receiving further "it's not too late!" emails. It looks like your message didn't get through @Darran_OVO
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Hmmmm thanks for letting us know @matthewwoods, I'll get that fed back to the team.

I’ve just received an email advising me that I need to book a smart meter appointment in order to keep OVO Beyond (I’m not entirely sure what this is but guess I must have signed up to it when opting for 100% renewable supply).

However,  not only do we live in a flat but our gas/electricity meters are on separate floors so we’re doubly unable to have a smart meter (not that I want one anyway).

As the mail says, if I don’t book an appointment within the first 3 months of the ‘upgrade’ (not sure why paying a little more to be a little greener is an upgrade), my OVOBeyond will be cancelled. It’s not a major issue - I’m happy to return to the cheaper option I was on before but it all seems a bit odd.

I currently pay a £5 premium for both Green Electricity and Green Gas. Switching to Beyond would cut that down to just £6 for the two of them - would that just be saving me money, would it actually make a difference in terms of how green the energy is? 

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In this case, it would allow you to save @Jacob903 - that energy will still be 100% renewable or off set, as before. OVO Beyond will allow other perks and ad ons to be considered though! 

Can I get Ovo beyond if I already have a smart meter?

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@LizM Yes you can. They did have an offer on for 3 months free and something to do with free boiler cover so I would say contact them ASAP


More info on OVO Beyond here

I had the green energy add-on (Elec and Gas) and now I have Ovo Beyond. Do I need to remove the Green add-ons from my account or will that happen automatically?

Messaging on the website should be clearer about this. The success page for adding Beyond even has the Green add-on as a recommendation … it’s not clear that you don’t need both.

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The add on’s should be removed automatically, @SteGriff, if they’re not and they’re showing on your next statements get in touch and we can get it removed. 


You can message us on FacebookTwitter and our Help centre has online chat!



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Bumping this topic - which forum members have OVO Beyond? Keen to hear what you think!

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I can’t have it!  According to the terms and conditions 

3.1 You will be eligible for OVO Beyond if you:
e) do not receive FiT payments from us under the Feed-in Tariff scheme; 


But I do get FiT payments. So because I have solar panels I don’t qualify.  It seems a bit a about f when the scheme is designed to drive toward green energy.

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Do you get your FiT payments from us, @EverythingNeedsAUserName? Or another supplier? 


If you receive the payments from another supplier OVO Beyond will work for you! 

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From OVO. 

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Thanks for confirming, @EverythingNeedsAUserName - one of us moderators will look into the reasoning of this and get back to you. It does seem counter intuitive from my perspective to prevent those with an OVO FIT solar panel set up from having this green initiative 


I can understand where you’re coming from, and I imagine others will be in the same boat, so I’m keen to get you a good answer. Leave this with us! 

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@Darran_OVO  - I get an error message 

Oops, there’s a problem…

Something went wrong. You can try again or contact us.


Tried both upgrade link and existing OVO customer.

Seems like some gremlins are still at work in trying to get us to net zero. 


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Thanks for flagging, @sylm_2000 - I’m speaking to the OVO Beyond product manager about it, can you confirm your device and OS (feel free to PM me this)?

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@Tim_OVO  I was using windows 10 and have tried mac as well - the same issue. Did try the Safari and Chrome web browser as well.

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Last check: was this using this page? What happens if you select the upgrade in your online account?