Can you really be anti nuclear without being pro-fossil?

  • 6 September 2017
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Here is the dilemma. You don't trust nuclear but you want green energy. The journey to fully sustainable green energy will take many years so the gap between these points has to be filled by some form of energy production. This means you have to use either heavily polluting fossil fuel to bridge that gap or nuclear.

Fossil fuel pollution kills more people a year than any other energy type. Nuclear has a perceived bad image but statistically is safer than wave and wind power in terms of fatalities recorded.

We all know the damage fossil fuel can do. Many of us though don't know how much nuclear has advanced and how safe it really is now.

So the question... If not Nuclear what?

How can you be anti nuclear and not pro fossil?

There are two choices....the devil you know, who is definitely a devil (fossil) given the evidence or the devil you don't fully know (nuclear) Who may, in fact be our only non greenhouse gas producing shot at sustainability without the need to transition via fossil fuel

Thoughts please anyone

What do @Mattj3135 @Smiter @B4xsy and @Yorick think?

4 replies

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Great discussion topic here @Aadil - tough question, that's for sure! Come on then, @Mattj3135 @Smiter @B4xsy @Yorick what do you recon :?

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As I understand it, electricity generation uses a steam engine. It's the fuel for the steam engine that differs.
Our local recycleable rubbish goes in 1 bag.(plastic, bottles, metal cans, metal foil). I read that it goes to a power generation plant in London. Unless I completely misunderstood the online info of this plant, it seems that our "garbage" goes into the plant furnace for heat generation (presumably to fuel a "steam engine" to produce electricity.). The "info" says the glass melts and runs off in one direction, the melted plastic another, same for the aluminium. The burnt waste is disposed of. Gives the impression that the waste types are separated for selling on. Nasty poisonous gases in the chimney are neutralised by spraying special powder over it.

Frankly, I don't believe you can separate these different groups without cross-"contamination" of other materials. It needs to be pure to be sold. Very worrying are the toxic fumes as the powder has to be just right to be effective. So if they're doing this already, it hardly matters what fuel is used to produce electricity.
One other point, we are finding huge amounts of plastic at sea. How is it getting into the sea? Is a Chinese firm taking the plastic away for recycling or landfill sites in China but actually dumping it in the ocean?
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Have we Really not perfected Fusion reactions yet? Jeez...

I'lll give Elon a call...
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Have we Really not perfected Fusion reactions yet? Jeez...

I'lll give Elon a call...

Lol, yeah he can fix it!