Are we using more energy than normal due to lock down?

Are we using more energy than normal due to lock down?
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We’re all in lockdown, some working from home, but the common theme is we’re all at home all of the time.

Apart from our government approved essential shopping or daily exercise, which I would recommend taking with caution. I twisted my ankle in a pot hole yesterday and am now using a chair as a make shift walking aid, the joy! :laughing::joy:

It stands to reason that our energy consumed would increase in line with us all being at home a lot more, but has it?

Well the answer is yes a bit, but no where near as much as I thought. There is a hike at lunch time where energy usage has increase by 30%, this is when cooking lunch is added to the already increased usage of home computers and televisions being used when they normally wouldn't be. 

We’re getting our results from a sample of 230,000 customers.

Usage is taking a dip in the morning, with people not needing to commute and taking lie ins, including myself! 

"Morning routines are less structured and therefore the peak has reduced by up to 20%, as many people are working from home or not working at all," a spokeswoman said. More info here.

It seems the morning lull is balancing out the lunchtime buzz, overall domestic usage has increased by only a few percentage points, there’s been no dramatic increase, mainly because weekend usage remaining the same. Overall there is a 6% increase in domestic consumption. 

Gas is not showing any real increase in demand, most people use it for central heating, and the lockdown has coincided with warmer weather, this may changed over the next few weeks. 

But! the answer is also no overall, the country is actually using less energy because of businesses being closed!

I’m not too sure how this rings true in my home, I live with 3 housemates, we’re all working from home, all cooking at least twice a day and not going to the pub on the weekend, or week days! :joy:

How do you feel your usage has been impacted? 





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Speaking of high usage, we’ve just posted an ‘Energy Saving Tips’ blog to help you reduce your at home usage spikes - check it out here! 

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I'm using more energy throughout the lockdown.

This is my 6th week on furlough.

I can't wait to get back to work!

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I can only imagine how rough it is for people in your position, @Mikeovo, I know that we have help in place for people that my need it, you can find more info here.

I hope you’re keeping well and fingers crossed this will be over soon! 


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@Amy_OVO thanks for your offer of help but I don't need it as I am in the fortunate position of having paid off my mortgage last year.

I assume you are talking about financial help ?

I can manage on 80% pay but I feel sorry for people with big mortgages.

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Hey @Amy_OVO 


For some reason I didn’t receive a notification about this. I would hate to think how much energy I have used since working from home. I have been naughty and haven’t provided my meter readings to my current energy provider. Planning on returning to OVO once this pandemic has finished so I can benefit using the Polar Subscription.

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Glad to hear you’ll be back, @ITGeek123

@Mikeovo the link covers most queries during this odd time we’re in! 


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@Amy_OVO ok thanks. I checked out the link and bookmarked it for future reference.

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Have you checked out this discussion topic on isolation at home @Mikeovo ? It would be good to hear about your experience, and what you’ve done in this time…..

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@Tim_OVO checking out your link now. Cheers

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I am back in work on Monday so I should be cutting down on my energy usage !

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