1 in 5 people do not know these energy saving tips, do you?

  • 5 March 2019
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1 in 5 people do not know these energy saving tips, do you?

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Some good tips here ^

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Packing your freezer does not apply to chest freezers and is of limited benefit if your freezer uses multiple drawers rather than a single "fridge”style door.

Modern dual flush toilets can be a source of hidden water leaks. Check the back of the pan for a line of limescale.

If you have a chimney fit a chimney pillow to cut down draughts. A bin bag half full of polystyrene chips will work too. Expect to get dirty from soot when you do this.

Check door and window seals for draughts. You can plug small leaks with plasticene  use white so that there is minimal marking to your paintwork.  The letter box can be a source of draughts too.

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Some good tips, @NoPoke! I’m surprised to hear about the freezers with drawers. Any idea why that’s the case?

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The reason for packing a freezer is to reduce the volume of cold air that falls out when the door is open.  With drawers the cold air stays in the drawer when it is pulled out. There is still some loss of cold air from the space around the drawers but it no longer depends on how full or empty the freezer is.

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That is a good fact, @NoPoke - worth of a Fun Friday Fact post!