How does emergency credit work and why do I need it?

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It's easy to do, we all do it - forget to top up and before you know it, you're into your emergency credit. When this happens, it’s important to know how emergency credit works as this will differ for PAYG+, smart Pay as you go and traditional Pay as you go customers. Check out this OVO answers page for more info on running out of credit with PAYG+, smart Pay as you go, and Traditional pay as you go.

Do you guys have any tips on how to avoid having to use your emergency credit or non-disconnect period?
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I think the best way to treat PAYG meters is to use them the same way as most people use their credit meters.

Work out how much you use over the year and divide by 12 or 52, for monthly usage or weekly usage.

Each week or month, top up this amount. Yes, you will be topping up more than you normally would throughout late Spring, early Autumn - but this means you will be paying less throughout late Autumn to early Spring.

This method works best from starting from around later April. If you follow this method, you should never find your yourself having to dip into the emergency credit.
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Hey Spotlandrules,

First of all, welcome! It's lovely to see you getting stuck into engaging on our brand new customer forum! You've offered some really handy advice here and I look forward to seeing what else you post on our other topics - you seem to have some really handy tips.

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We are now closing down all PAYG and PAYG+ related topics on the OVO Forum so you will need to head over to the Boost Forum to stay involved.

You can find our new forum here:

It's just as quick and easy to sign up and get stuck in. We already have 100 users registered and getting involved so we don't want you to miss out!

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