What reason do you have for not buying an Electric Vehicle?

  • 25 August 2018
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New Diesel car sales have fallen dramatically over the last year and are set to continue to fall over the foreseeable future.
London’s Hackney Borough will impose a £130 penalty charge on drivers of both diesel and petrol vehicles entering some streets around the Old Street area from next month !
Many fleet buyers are opting for petrol, hybrid and pure electric vehicles.
I am interested to know why the take up of electric cars is so slow.
Do you have a view ?

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My only thought on this is because there are not many car manufacturers who have developed hybrid/EV's. Ford still use their Ecoboost engines, Kia have only released the first EV and the rest of EV cost too much such as Tesla, Mercedes and BMW. At the moment, petrol and diesel (cough) cars are cheap to sell and this way, dealerships are able to shift them around. Until Manufacturers produce more EV's, we are not going to see a lot of sales. I believe it is Nissan and Renault who are doing well selling their Leaf and Zoe.

But then again, the sales can't be doing that bad according to this news article.