V2G = Vehicle to Grid for those who do not know!

  • 27 September 2018
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I started my account with Ovo many months ago when my son (who was involved in the development of the V2G) advised me to buy the Leaf. I am still waiting, patiently, for Ovo to tell me I will receive V2G no. 4 as was promised to my son when he was working with the company.

I am, like a couple who posted on the "Is range worth the worry?" an elderly female and I usually travel alone. The first long distance was from West Midlands to London but my son kindly took his car as well to make me feel safer. It was not difficult although I did get confused when one ecotricity motorway charger would not respond to my mobile - until I learned that I could then get the fill for free!

One of the main reasons for joining Ovo at the time was our knowledge of the impending V2G. I am upset that, despite emails, Ovo have not responded on this subject. (They are, by no means, the cheapest utility provider but I do have hopes, still, for the V2G.)

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