Tesla fans watch this - Model 3 assembly from start to finish

  • 9 January 2019
  • 4 replies

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Here's a great tweet from Tesla, showing their very good looking Model 3 being rapidly assembled from start to finish!

We've found a video upload of this on YouTube, thanks for sharing David and Natalie!

What do our resident EV owners/fans think of this? Want one yet?

4 replies

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Best part of this video was the guy waving at the camera 😂

Very good find @Tim_OVO I like it.
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Brilliant @Tim_OVO but im still glad I bought my leaf instead of paying £76K for a Tesla Model S.

I think the Model three will be overpriced in the UK until they produce the reduced version, in the meantime everyone else will be catching up. Particularly interesting is the VW offering if you can believe what they say!

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I hope you will be upgrading your Nissan Leaf to the 60kw and I can buy your 40kw from you 😎 Just got announced at CES and being released June this year!!

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@ITGeek123 Would love to but depends on the price and offers! However, the 40KWh does everything I need at the moment. 🙂