It's like a Golf. It's just... better?

  • 21 October 2019
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It's like a Golf. It's just... better?
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MPG Marathon 2019: Avoiding that “sophomore slump”

Following on from my successful MPG Mararthon in the Hyundai Ioniq, I was invited back to participate again in 2018, and took this as an opportunity to develop my knowledge of EVs from different manufacturers.


Volkswagen were receptive to the idea of putting their eGolf through it’s paces, and the upgraded 35.8kWh battery would give me even more flexibility and potential to get some really impressive range figures.

The Ioniq had produced some incredibly efficient numbers, and that’s due to it’s low and long design that produces minimal drag - a credit to the Hyundai design team, and a reflection of the fact that the Ioniq was designed to be electrified from the ground up. 



The eGolf meanwhile is more of a retro-fit in that it’s a normal Golf, but with a battery inside of it. Other than some minor trim details, and different dials, it’s very much like sitting in an automatic Golf. Then you turn it on, and… well, nothing.

Having discussed the 165 mile route with a few colleagues in the fleet industry, their first response was laughter. I was beginning to notice a theme of people doubting the potential range of an electric car!


Day 1

The guessometer was showing a potential 160 miles of range, which was already a concern - I knew that the eGolf was less efficient, but surely the extra 7kWh battery could make up for that?

With 100 miles of range left, and 100 miles of the hilly route remaining, I was heard to say (and tweet) “Fortune favours the brave, right?”, echoing my approach in the Hyundai the previous year when met with 50 miles or route and range left…

There is something very worrying about watching you mi/kWh dropping as you do mile after mile of hill, hoping that what goes up must come down. At one point I found myself short of range by 10 miles, but efficient driving styles and appropriate use of regen mode ensure that the Golf completed the remaining miles and actually had 8 miles of range left. 

Good Golf!

Day 2

To ensure this was a fair comparison test, and having demonstrated the potential range of the eGolf, I set about replicating Day 2 of the previous year - I would aim to find a convenient rapid charger en route, which I had struggled badly with in the previous year, unfortunately relying on 7kWh chargers.

The chosen stop was the glorious Ettington Park, where a convenient Polar rapid charger had been installed, allowing a speedy top up and minimal disruption to our progress. With another average of 5.8mi/kWh for the day, I had certainly demonstrated that both the offerings in the EV Market and the infrastructure options had improved over the previous 12 months.

A speedy return to Bristol was next up, giving the eGolf a chance to stretch it’s legs (pretty impressive!), and I had 24 hours turn around before I set off on my next adventure: Brussels and Brugge in a Leaf…


I’d love to hear from you if you have an eGolf or another EV that you’ve had a great long journey in and how you found it!  It’s so interesting to hear everyone’s perspectives on this and exciting to see how EV’s in general are becoming more popular! 


NB: If you missed the first installment of my EV MPG Marathon, you can check it out here


All the best

Chris B

OVO Marketing - EV Products


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