Electric Vehicle Concerns Explained

  • 14 May 2019
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With Electric Vehicles becoming more and more prominent on today's roads, there’s more and more concerns and questions popping up about the subject.

How long does it take to charge? Are they really better for the environment than petrol or diesel? Do they work exactly the same as a Scalextric?

Fortunately, the environment conscious people over at the BBC have made a short video addressing many common concerns. Have a look at this video, and let us know if you have any questions they missed!

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The only suggestion I can make for people who are thinking about jumping on the EV hype train would be to sign up to SparkEV forum. The community is absolutely amazing! This is what I did before I purchased my 24kw Nissan Leaf. One thing which annoys me about car manufactures is when they manipulate what cars are capable of such as Toyota and “Self Charging Hybrid”

Luckily Fully charged covered this very well for people who are unsure if they should go hybrid or fully electric.


Speaking of Fully Charged. I would recommend you subscribe to the channel and becoming a Patreon supporter


On a side note, what do people think of Honda upcoming EV?