Are the days of Legacy car makers numbered ?

  • 8 August 2018
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Spoken to three dealerships recently, BMW, VW and Nissan and posed the simple question, “what is the length of the car’s granny cable”( the one with the 13 amp plug on the end)
Not one of the people I spoke to knew what I was talking about and worse they didn’t know the length, after me describing it.

Hyundai appear to have achieved good sales of their new Kona Electric, all online.
Few people in this country will have seen one.
Last week I had a very informative discussion with the guy in the Tesla showroom in Cambridge and at the end of it I concluded that the Tesla sales model was the one for me.

Can’t help thinking that the legacy makers are between two stalls at present and simply are not set up to enthusiastically sell EVs.
What do you think ?

4 replies

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I imagine that 1.5 mm is a typo :)

You are quite correct that traditional dealerships are more interested in selling ICE cars at present.
Given the massive amount of self/pre-registration going on by companies like Jaguar with their diesel offerings it is no surprise.
Enormous pressure is applied by makers, so much so that Pendragon are exiting the new car market in favour of used, to pre-register cars and then sell them on in the used market with hardly any mileage on the clocks.
That is an enormous financial burden and only a foolish management would prioritise EV sales over existing expensive stock.
I did see an argument for a Dealership to train and incentivise at least one member of staff to deal with EV enquiries. That would overcome the issue of staff having to waste effort selling an EV when being targeted to sell stock.
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Tesla plainly have a winning formula, even if naysayers, trolls and shorters would argue differently.
Legacy makers are between a rock and a hard place. Over many years they have demanded that their franchisees invest huge capital in premises, staff, training, stock and equipment and they know that Tesla are doing it in a way that they will need to adopt.
Dealerships can’t afford to deny themselves the significant income stream from servicing, often more profitable than sales, in order to remain viable and at the same time invest in AVs, a real conundrum:)
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Hey @Peetee

I believe the Granny cable for the Nissan Leaf is 1.5mm. It isn't that often I need to use this cable. I am shocked to hear the dealerships were not able to provide to you the information. I must admit I am very interested in the Hyundai Kona Electric and wouldn't mind test driving it (Very much doubt I will Part ex my Nissan Leaf for one)

But to answer your question. It annoys and baffles me dealerships are not trained up on EV's which is why I think they are more interested selling you the dirty diesels because they have been selling them for years and know roughly what they are talking about. It is dealerships who making it harder for people to convert over to EV's. Whenever I talk to people and drive them in my Leaf, they are sold by the idea and I have actually converted a few of my friends and family because the dealership tried to sell them a petrol/diesel car.
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Yeah sorry it was a typo haha. I still haven't woken up. Well hopefully with EV enthusiasts like yourself and I are around. I am sure this will change because when we go to purchase another car. It will not be an ICE vehicle. It will be another EV so they will need to step up their game if they want to compete with other dealerships. Tesla for being only EV's appear to be doing really well so it's not like EV's are just hype at the moment. They are the real deal!