Any advice from those who have had an EV installation?

  • 10 February 2020
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We are OVO customers, part way through a two-year fixed deal, and are now looking at the possibility of switching to an EV. The V2G plan reads like a good idea too.

We’re looking at the possibility of solar panels on the south-facing garage roof, and charging equipment for a car, though we have not yet decided which car (there are just too many new ones in the pipeline at present). We have test-driven a few - including a three-day loan of a Kia E-Niro from one dealer and were very impressed (with both car and dealer). 

The power to the house comes in via the garage - the consumer unit is inside, meter is in the wall (access from outside for reading). 

We (obviously! :wink: ) want to take advantage of any Government grants but it seems we can’t start any serious planning or get quotations until we actually acquire an EV car. 

Any advice from those who have already taken the plunge will be gratefully accepted. 


3 replies

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A detail or two.

The OVO V2G trial is Nissan Leaf only.

Check the size of the main fuse fitted just ahead of the meter. 100A and you should be fine.

If you are considering solar panels for electricity do not forget that solar water panels are a lot more efficient (4x) at producing hot water than diverting the solar electricity into a heater element.

e-niro is a very good ev, but has a long waiting list last time I checked.

Thanks NoPoke - we have gas central heating and hot water (and a fairly new boiler) so will stick with that at least for the time being. Also, most of the plumbing is at the other end of the house, which would complicate things.

We did try a Leaf but it didn’t grab us.

Signing off for tonight...

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If you are having solar, the zappi charger is your best bet, it can automatically divert surplus PV to the car battery once you are generating more that 1.4kW (The minimum according to EV charging specs)


You should make up your mind quickly as our dear Government are about to withdraw the £3,500 grant for purchasing an EV, in March I think and you certainly won’t get the KIA in that timescale.