Renewal prices are too high - do you price match?

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Not a good read this @SteveP - not the quickest reply wither.

We will always offer the very best prices we can for all.

These prices on offer need to be sustainable prices, and we can't rip off the customers we have on the variable tariffs in order to subsidise loss leading tariffs. That's not our way. We do things right, we work hard on being efficient with our costs and offer the best we can with this approach.

However you choose (us hopefully), we hope it goes well in 2019!
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Hi @Andy-S,

We don't price match or undercut other companies, as we believe in fair pricing. This means the rates we offer are the same for everyone. The rates we've offered you for your renewal would be the same as a new customer signing up in your area.

I have been with OVO just over 2 years and my 2 year fixed rate deal ends in mid August, in that time I have got both my son and daughter onto OVO, service is good and we all have Smart meters so very easy to manage. I am on a very good deal so the new 2 year deal on offer is a lot more expensive which I can understand. What I do not understand is my daughters deal ended in mid June and she is on a new one year deal and rates are much lower than what is now on offer and I mean it is a substantial change. Should I just keep looking at your system for any new deals as you do seem to change regularly, I really do not want to leave OVO
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Welcome to the forum, @GaryF, I've moved your post here, there is a lot of handy info in the thread.

Please check out @stateofit's best answer.

Hope this helps!
Add me to the list of people leaving because I find Ovo hundreds of pounds higher than competitors at renewal time.

This is a shame because Ovo have been good. But even good service isn’t worth £400 a year 😞