Renewal prices are too high - do you price match?

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Hey @Robby P

In regards to current pricing, on Tuesday 18 December 2018, we increased the gas and electricity unit rates of our Better & 2 Year Fixed plans.

This price change is a 4.9% increase to our headline price for Better energy and a 2.2% increase to our headline price for 2 year Fixed energy.

We review our prices on a regular basis - this change is a result of competition across the energy market and increasingly volatile wholesale energy costs in regards to how much it costs us to buy the energy we supply you.

You can get more info here:
Worth checking if the unit costs you quoted include VAT or not? We definitely haven't increased unit prices by that much, so looks like the lower cost might be excluding VAT and the higher number, includes VAT. Worth double checking.


I was delighted to join Ovo in March last year and have been very happy with all aspects of the company, many of which are outlined above on this topic.

Naturally I was aware of rising energy prices and was expecting price increases of the order outlined above by Darran - if not higher, having seen a figure of 12.4% quoted somewhere in the media.

In the personalised breakdown I have received I have been quoted an absolutely staggering 31% increase, amounting to nearly £400 per year. This is quite unbelievable but appears to have happened to others and I can't see what it has to do with VAT.

Darran, you state "We definitely haven't increased unit prices by that much" and yet my electricity unit cost rises by over 35% and my gas by very nearly 29%. I assume you are a representative of the company so I naturally place trust and reliance on what you say.

What on earth is going on? I hadn't changed my energy provider for about 20 years and really thought I'd made a great choice, looking forward to many years with Ovo, but I'm left feeling utterly duped and misled.
No response on this and it looks like an email or even a phone call is going to cost me my "self-service reward" now. Prices being beaten by Big 6, customer service firewall, reviews sliding - not the company I thought I was signing up with for years. Sadly, time to go.
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Not a good read this @SteveP - not the quickest reply wither.

We will always offer the very best prices we can for all.

These prices on offer need to be sustainable prices, and we can't rip off the customers we have on the variable tariffs in order to subsidise loss leading tariffs. That's not our way. We do things right, we work hard on being efficient with our costs and offer the best we can with this approach.

However you choose (us hopefully), we hope it goes well in 2019!
Has anyone requested a quote for supply after your contract expires?
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Hey @Oddies - I've moved your post onto this topic about renewal price changes.

Hello all,
does anybody know is it possible to negotiate renewal price with OVO? They have offered as their renewal rates:
Unit Rate = 15.78p/kWh excludes VAT
Standing charge = 27.40p/day excludes VAT

While one of those comparison sites recommended a provider that charges
Unit Rate = 13.87p/kWh excludes VAT
Standing charge = 17.85p/day excludes VAT
(it is also 12 months fixed plan)

I like how hassle free OVO is so would like them to come closer to those rates, is that possible at all?

Thanks in advance!
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Hi @Andy-S,

We don't price match or undercut other companies, as we believe in fair pricing. This means the rates we offer are the same for everyone. The rates we've offered you for your renewal would be the same as a new customer signing up in your area.

OK, thanks for getting back to me. £300 a year makes a difference. Thank you for providing good service thus far.
Long term customer of OVO

Even with online and maximum credit at 5% new proposed tariff is well above the market.

Have a second property too, and FITS (payment is slow on this) so disappointed to have to leave.
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Hi @Sunningdale Power Station - I've moved your post onto this thread about renewing your contract. You should be able to find more info about why our prices might have increased on here.