How do I get my POLAR plus membership?

  • 27 September 2019
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I've recently signed up to the 2 Year Fixed Energy 20 August 2019 plan. This includes:
Our fixed plan
Green Energy Add-on(free for 2 years)
POLAR plus membership Add-on(free for 2 years)

I asked Hello@OVO about Polar plus membership on 28 August and was told I would get an email from Polar in a couple of days after the switch (9 September). Nothing arrived so far. As one other forum member said, this is an important element for me and one of the reason for my switch. Can anyone help?

Best answer by Nancy_OVO 30 September 2019, 17:23

Hey @pinky49,

Are you waiting on confirmation from POLAR regarding your membership? If so, I'd advise chasing this directly with them. More info here:

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Hey @pinky49,

Are you waiting on confirmation from POLAR regarding your membership? If so, I'd advise chasing this directly with them. More info here:

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I may be unreasonable or perhaps I have misunderstood the response from OVO regarding the payment of my Polar subscription.

I was assured that if the subscription was not set up automatically when I renewed my contract it would be simply corrected manually.

So I receive an invoice from Polar for the subscription and I immediately write to OVO and remind them of the assurances I was given.

I expected a conciliatory response and an undertaking that the matter would be dealt with straight away. In stead I get a reply telling me to take it up with Polar.

Polar’s reply is set out below.

What am I to do now ?



Copy of my mail to OVO 


I was assured by two OVO colleagues that if I renewed my supply agreement the Polar membership subscription would be paid for me as in the earlier contract. 

Today I received an invoice for the subscription indicating to me that you have not honoured your undertaking. 

Please explain why this has happened. 


Reply from OVO


Thanks for getting in touch, sorry to hear you’re having issues with the POLAR Network. 


Although your energy tariff gives you free membership, any issues that you face with your POLAR membership or the service they provide, must be sent to POLAR directly. You can contact them at:


If you have any issues in regards to your energy supply or account, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


I hope this has been of some assistance to you. 


Kind regards,



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Reply from Polar




Thank you for your email.


The OVO subscription comes with 2 years free Polar subscription.


However I can see that your OVO contract started on 27/09/2017 , which means that those 2 years of free POLAR subscription have now expired.


I hope it helps.


Kind regards,



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This does’t seem right, @Peetee, if you’ve chosen to renew your Polar membership should be free, sorry for any confusion here. 

Please then reach out to our team on Facebook, Twitter you’ll need to confirm your full name, DoB, full address and this issue, our team will be able to look into this today. 


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I have the same problem. Joined 26th September but still no Polar membership. Shame that OVO isn’t helping with this situation.

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Sorry to hear you’re still waiting on this, @pixelpefekt, as @Nancy_OVO mentioned above, you can chase this up with the directly here:



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Well I eventually resolved this matter with the help of Polar. 
it seems that OVO need to tighten up their system because the refund I eventually received along with confirmation that my Polar subscription will now be paid on my behalf. 
Polar outlined the system weakness in a mail to me :



Thanks for getting in touch. The OVO renewal with still cover you for another 2 years free subscription.

We just need to have it come though from OVO directly. It is possible that the person you may have dealt

with and the person responsible for said communication are very different people within OVO.


We have a list come through to our membership and marketing team once a week on a Monday.

When they have sent it through the two years will start all over again, sorry for any frustrations in

the meantime. Their computer systems and ours are not linked so we do have to wait for the



Kind Regards

Nathan Raffle

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