Green Gas fuel mix change

  • 26 July 2019
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Green Gas fuel mix change
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You may have already heard, we’re changing our Green Gas fuel, from 12th August 2019, we’re reducing the biogas in your mix from 50% to 15% allowing us to continue to bring you one of the most affordable and competitive green mixes around. And, because we’re offsetting the remaining 85%, it’s still 100% carbon-neutral.

Existing Green Gas customers will be affected from the 12th of August, new customers who sign up to us after 22nd July will get the new mix.

We’ve made this change because the costs of biogas vs carbon offset have changed - meaning we’d either need to change the proportions of each, or increase the price. We believe the best decision is to keep the price the same, change the mix, but keep the plan carbon neutral.

This will be an automatic change, so you won’t need to do anything. If you decide you want to cancel your Green Gas, you can do so at anytime on your MyOVO account.

So far, we’ve supported UN-led https:// that have protected 200,000 hectares of forests and wildlife in Kenya and 300,000 hectares in the Democratic Republic of Congo. And soon we’ll be supporting a vital conservation project to restore peat forests in Indonesia.

2 replies

What's the default percentage of green gas coming from the National Grid? i.e. if I don't had the green gas add-on, how much of the gas that I receive from the National grid is from a renewable source?
Thanks. Adam
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Hi @Adam,

It's difficult to say. There probably will be some, as OVO and numerous other suppliers purchase green/renewable gas and put it into the grid. However, like electricity, once it's in the grid it's mixed with everything else in there and we can't guarantee what gas reaches your property in particular. If you pay for renewable, then we'd purchase your average annual consumption amount in renewable gas and put it into the grid. If you don't pay for the upgrade or have 100% included in your tariff, then unfortunately, technically the amount is 0.

Hope this explains!