Why didn't I receive my welcome pack when my account was moved from SSE to OVO?

  • 17 June 2022
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Today I received an email from bank about new DD set up. It all shouted fraud! We had not set up any DD it was a DD with ovo! We are with SSE ( 15 yrs) so contacted bank, and explained, got them to deleted it off account.

I have just google GC re OVO Ltd to discover SSE is now part of OVO!

Why hasn't SSE contacted us to explain we are now with OVO?????? Why haven't they told us our DD will be changing????

I am disgusting and disappointed with SSE with the way they haven't let their customers know what is happening. How many others saw a new DD and panicked that someone had gotten hold of theirs personal bank details and was de  fraud them? I was certainly stressed until I did a google search!!


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Hi @Moonlightandjj ,

OVO would have sent you a letter and/or email at least two weeks ahead of your account being migrated, you probably just didn’t see it for some reason. I’ve literally seen something like eight letters sent to other tenants in my building in the last three months. The only reason I’m not getting one myself, is because I manually switched from SSE to OVO back in September 2020.

You’ll probably need to re-instate that Direct Debit to ensure your bills continue to get paid off. Please contact OVO on 0345 0260 712 to set it back up and you can discuss your concerns at the same time.

To be honest though, it has been well known for some time and both SSE and OVO did their best to let people know over a year in advance. For more info, check out:

I’m sorry to hear you got spooked by this, but I’m afraid you won’t be able to switch back to SSE.

We haven't recieved anything from OVO or SSE. The last correspondence we recieved was from SSE  in December and that was Gas/Electricity statement. 

So how are we supposed to know what is going on if we are not kept informed?!!!@

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Hi @Moonlightandjj,


I’m so sorry to hear you didn’t receive your OVO welcome pack. As our community member, @Blastoise186, mentioned this should have been sent out in the weeks before your move.


 So I understand the confusion if you weren’t aware of the upcoming change. I’d like to pass this feedback on to the team to investigate what happened. I’ve arranged for us to collect some account details in order to do this. You’ll receive a Private Message shortly, respond to this message with the requested details and we’ll look into this for you.


I hope we can get things back on track.