How will I get the £400 Energy Bills Support grant when I have issues with my electricity account?

You were recently very helpful on a problem I have with OVO which is currently still on going.  In a nutshell I moved into my house in January and until I had some useful advice on here and contacted them via Twitter they repeatedly denied they were supplying my electricity.  It has now been looked into and they have agreed they are supplying my electricity and that there has been a technical problem.  I do have a reference number now but it seems I am on a "spreadsheet" along with many others who have a similar problem and it is being looked into.

So I currently still do not have an electricity account with OVO or anyone else. My gas is supplied by British Gas.

It is my understanding that this £400 rebate will be paid by the electricity company.  So I have no idea where I stand at present in ensuring that I also benefit from the £400 rebate.  

Any views or suggestions please. 


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Hi @Robert2901 ,

I’m afraid this sounds like a bit of an edge case that I’m not sure about. We’ll try to do some research but this could take some time. Bear with us and we’ll try to dig something up!

Thank you I appreciate your help.

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I’m really sorry for the delay here. This has taken a lot longer to try and dig through than I’d intended.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything that covers this particular edge case. Either no-one has considered it or nothing has been made public. I’ll keep trying but I might not get lucky at all I’m afraid.

Thank you.  It is very frustrating.  From conversations I have had with OVO it seems there are a lot of people in a similar situation and all of us are on a "spreadsheet".   It is also very worrying that at a time when energy prices are going through the roof we can't even begin to budget as we don't even know what are bills would have been pre price cap let alone post price cap.  It is very poor but I am grateful for the help and advice I have received on here.   

I have been doing some research.  There is a government Web page which relates to the £400 support package and how it will be delivered.  It may help others in a similar situation to myself.



If you scroll down the following paragraph may be relevant for my situation but further details will be released in the Autumn.


As part of this package, we are confirming today that further funding will be available to provide equivalent support of £400 for energy bills for the 1% of households who will not be reached through the EBSS. This includes those who do not have a domestic electricity meter or a direct relationship with an energy supplier, such as park home residents. An announcement with details on how and when these households across Great Britain can access this support will be made this Autumn.



Sorry the above link didn't work. This should be OK

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I’m afraid that workaround might not apply to your situation. It seems to be more aimed at people who cannot possibly get a supply from any domestic energy supplier at all. If my understanding of what you’ve said is correct, OVO is supplying your property directly, but the account simply isn’t yet set up properly.

That’s the edge case I tried to research, but I couldn’t find any information about it.

OK...thank you for clarifying.  You are correct,  OVO have finally agreed they are supplying my electricity after months of denying it.  Nowhere near though setting up an account in my name so I can pay for my electricity.  Thank you for trying to help. 

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Updated on 26/08/22 by Tim_OVO:


Energy Bills Support Scheme


This page has all the information that we and our call centre team have on the Energy Bills Support Scheme right now. 


Ways to get financial support


If you’re struggling financially or you’re worried about your energy bills, we’re here to support you. Find out about the different ways we can help here.


Price rises: we're here to support you


Here’s the latest information on rising energy prices, and how we can help 


Hi @Robert2901 


This page has all the information that we and our call centre team have on the Energy Bills Support Scheme right now. It also has a great set of frequently asked questions. 


You can find the latest information on the Energy Bills Support Scheme on the government website.  We’ll keep that page updated, too.

Thank you for your help. 

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No worries. :)

Now that Tim has got the information I need, I’ll be updating my forum version over the weekend. Please bear with me as it will take a couple of days to fully catch up with any other changes I need to make.