Refer a Friend FAQ

Refer a Friend FAQ
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Refer your friends to OVO and we'll treat you both to a £75 M&S, John Lewis or Gift Card when they join. It's our way of saying thanks for spreading the word.
It works like this:
  1. Once you’re with us, log into My OVO and click on the Refer a Friend tab in the menu on your homepage.
  2. Choose how you’d like to share the offer with your friends.
  3. They sign up online.
  4. Once we start supplying your friend’s home, you’ll both get a Gift Card of your choice – the electronic kind, delivered straight to your inbox. This could take up to 30 days from the referred friend’s sign-up if there are no unexpected issues or delays.

How do I use my gift card?
M&S, John Lewis and Gift Card are all slightly different. So pick a retailer below to see how and where you can spend your money.

Got an Gift Card?
You can only spend this card online – you can’t use it in any shops or over the phone.
Here’s what to do:
  1. Go to
  2. Click on the ‘Enter your code’ button.
  3. Sign in to – or set up a new account if you don’t have one already (it’s very quick and easy).
  4. Once you’ve signed in, go to the ‘Payment & GC’ section.
  5. Click on ‘Apply a Gift Card to your account’.
  6. Enter your claim code and click ‘Apply to your account’.
Once you’ve followed these steps, the money is sitting in your account and you can spend it. If you don’t spend it all on your first visit, the balance will be kept in your account for your next shop.
If your Gift Card doesn’t cover the total balance of everything you’re buying, you just pay the rest using a debit or credit card. If you’ve signed up for ‘One-click’ shopping, it will automatically take the rest of the money from the debit or credit card you’ve already registered.

Got an M&S e-gift card?
To use your e-gift card in store, simply print it out and present it at the till – you don’t need your PIN.
To spend your e-gift card online, enter the 16-digit card number at the checkout, selecting the gift card option at payment. You will also need to enter your PIN.

Got a John Lewis Gift Card?
The John Lewis Partnership e-Giftcard can be used in John Lewis or Waitrose shops or online. The e-Giftcards will expire 24 months from purchase or last use.

I’ve referred someone. How do I know whether I’ll get a reward?
Mention Me (the company helping us run the Refer a Friend scheme) will tell you the good news by email. So look out for an email from
You can also keep track of your referrals on your Refer a Friend dashboard in My OVO.

Why has my friend got their reward when I haven’t?
We send your reward by email, so have a look in your spam folder – it’s probably gone in there.

I referred a friend and they signed up. So why haven’t I heard from you?
To get a Refer a Friend reward, your friend must have signed up through our website. If they joined over the phone, then you’re not eligible for the reward.

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Hi. I've just referred a friend (my daughter) and it said we would receive a £50 gift card. However, she is not due to start her account with you till the beginning of August. Are we eligible for the new £75 gift card or have I got very bad timing? Thanks
My experience so far would be to refer people I don't like as I would not want my friends to have the same bother I am having. 😋
Your instruction say I should logon to Myovo and refer a friend within the system. I am on the new online system and there is no reference to it there. Can you advise
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Bad timing I'm afraid, @DebA, the £75 incentive started on the 25th of July, sorry!

It's a shame to hear you feel this way, @maingate, hopefully we'll be able to turn things around and maybe in the future you'll want to refer us ☺.
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You'll find all the info you need above, @GaryF, welcome to the forum!
I signed up over the phone and mentioned a friend had referred me during the call and asked how to apply this. I was told that if I let OVO know their name and email address once my electronic welcome pack comes through then the reward can be applied to us both. But I can't seem to find a way to let you know other than through the forum.

My friend is Ed (and Jane) Manning, but don't think I should give their email address over the forum.

The reward mentioned was £50 voucher for each of us. I can see from reading the forum that it's now gone up to £75 but that is online only.

Could someone confirm what to do next, please?

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There's a few ways to get this sorted, @101173850, you can send the team an email on - just include your friends full names and email addresses.

Or you can send those details along with your name, DoB and account number to us on Facebook or Twitter. 🙂
Hi, I'm an existing ovo customer and an a landlord of other properties. Really happy with the service and wanting to switch a property from another supplier. I see thanthant when a new tenant moves in that they can if they want take over, which I'll recommended to them. The question is can I refer myself for another property also? It bringing another address into the ovo portfolio after all. Thanks in advance!
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Hey @scallytoes!

I've popped your post here, you'll find all the refer a friend info you'll need above.

You can't refer yourself even if it is for another property I'm afraid, but you could refer the tenants and if they are happy with joining us you'll both get the reward, which I'm sure would be a welcome gift!

Hope this helps!

Hi there,

I was told I would receive a 75£ voucher if I switch to Ovo, I haven’t received it yet. When can I expect it?

many thanks,
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If you were referred by a friend, @Namini, you'll both receive your vouchers 28 days after coming on supply with us.
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I recommended a friend who has since joined VOL when will we get the rewards which were elligable at the time.D.Higgs.
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@Derek Higgs all the info you need is here! Don't forget to search the forum first as often the question you have, has already been asked!!

I am new to the site and I am a NEW account holder. How do I claim my M&S REWARD sine I have now joined OVO ENERGY

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Have you been referred by a friend, @errol? if you have, you’ll receive your voucher 28 days after coming on supply with us - it will be sent via email.


If you haven’t been referred by a friend, you wouldn’t be eligible for the M&S voucher.