Something went wrong email from OVO EV Everwhere product signup

  • 13 March 2019
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We used to have Polar plus but cancelled. Still have the card and account
POLAR plus and OVO use different email addresses.

Signed up for EV Everywhere but the two accounts did not get linked.

Received a""Something went wrong.."no reply email from OVO.
Followed the instructions and manually added our OVO account number to the POLAR PLUS account

Sometime later had to contact Chargemaster over a non-working point. They tell me that the POLAR card is not configured correctly.

Check the POLAR account and it has our details correct including the OVO account number. But there is a question mark under the field for the OVO account number with the explanation " Awaiting confirmation from OVO Energy"

The link in the email from OVO to the EV forum to ask for help doesn't work it just bring up a page not found landing page

Hopefully this is the right place to ask for help.


6 replies

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Hi @NoPoke - I'll DM you and hopefully we can get this sorted ASAP

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Hi @NoPoke - I'll DM you and hopefully we can get this sorted ASAP


Thank you for your efforts. It looks like this is now resolved. 😃
I have a similar situation. Have had a Polar Plus account for 6 months or so. When set it up I linked it to my OVO account (even though did not have the Everywhere tariff then). on my Polar plus account it has for the past is months been saying "Awaiting confirmation from OVO Energy". I have not been bothered until now as Have signed up for EV Everywhere and have got the same "Something's gone wrong" email. My correct account details are still in the Polar Plus account. What can I do? I want to stop paying the monthly Polar Plus charge..!
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Hi @antfos

Sorry to hear you're having troubles. Can you DM me your OVO account number and I'll get the team to look into this.


I have exactly the same issue.
Signed up as new customer to OVO on the EV Everywhere scheme.
Got a confirmation e-mail to that effect.
Tried to link Polar card to OVO but not successful. Asked Polar (BP Chargemaster) what the problem is and have had two separate e-mails from BP Chargemaster saying that they have checked with OVO twice and I am not on the EV Everywhere scheme.
How to get a new confirmation from OVO that I have signed up to EV Everywhere and how do I present this to BP Chargemaster?
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Hi @Cbn1 - I'll DM you!