EV Everywhere - what’s it all about?

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Hi. So i am just searching for sone information at the moment.

I am interested in the ev everywhere bundle. However i am not sure if i qualify. I myself as the bill payer do not own an electric or low emisions vehicle. However my son who lives in this property does have a full ev. Will i still be eligible for this bundle as there is an ev at this address?

Hey @GreenElec60, I've moved your post over to this topic where you should be able to get the answers you need!

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How will the acquisition of Chargemaster, the owners of the polar network, by BP affect this tie-up?

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Hi @ellisbirt

It's big news isn't it!

As far as we are aware right now, it has no effect on this tariff or our relationship with Polar Plus! If that changes at all in the future, we will make sure we provide an update to keep you guys posted.

I’ve just bought an EV and was looking forward with some excitement to signing up to the EV Everywhere bundle but OVO changed to rules.

My current unit price is 13.72p for electric and 3.09p for gas on a fixed rate until Sept 2019. When I spoke to OVO last year I was told I would be able to switch to EV package based on current unit prices. When I rang yesterday to make the switch, Mo was certain there would be no change I pricing. In fact, he was certain that change would be minimal. However he was unable to action and put me on hold. When he came back to me, he apologised and said marketing had amended the package and I would be required to pay the new prices - 15.84 for electric and 3.59 for gas. Mo even said he would query this with his supervisor as seems to be unfair on existing customers.

I would have been happy to pay to switch to 100% green for £8 per month but it seems OVO don’t want to look after their existing customers.

I really love OVO and have mentioned them to countless people but I feel really disappointed that they no longer seem to want to support their customers switching to EV’s and 100% green. In fact, they will penalise them if they do so!

What do others think? Why is my unit price increasing by over 2p per unit and why the increase in gas at all? I know prices will inevitably rise, but a real shame that my product can’t be switched on existing prices for the remainder of the 2 year product.

What do other forum members think? And OVO, any response?
I am perplexed by this offer. We are currently using Polar and pay very little above the monthly charge (7.85 GBP). We're on the Better Energy Fixed plan but due to renew soon. The EV package is 11.5% more for power used and 40% more for the standing charge, and is the same rate as the 2-year fixed offer. I am struggling to see the benefit of changing. Can you help?
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Hopefully I can help you with this @bones ,

There's been a bit of an update on this package since @Tim_OVO popped it up back in August 2017!

Here's a link to the more up to date EV Everywhere package as this is a tad out of date now. You'll find all the info you need there.

Hope this helps!
Thanks for the link, @Bradley_OVO. It certainly helps to understand the history. I remain perplexed about the sharp increase in the standing charge for a 2-year package compared with the one-year Better Energy plan.
Like @D600 I have an installed charger and skeptical of any benefit of changing it for one controlled over the internet.
I am an existing customer. Can I change to Ev everywhere?
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@Kayanne moved your post over here as Tim's topic above confirm what you need to know!!

Out of interest what EV did you buy? We love hearing about our customers new EV's and why they chose them. Check out the Owning an EV area to read about our other EV owners experiences!

If you'd like to share your story in that area, go for it. We'd love to hear about it as I'm sure our other users would.

The website says “To take full advantage of the OVO Smart Charger you will need a compatible Smart Meter installed”. So can I opt not to have a smart meter? What functionality will I lose, other than the ability to have economy 7?
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Welcome to the forum, @Heliophile, I've moved you post here as you'll find all things EV, please check out @Tim_OVO's article at the top of the thread.

You have to have a smart meter to be able to take advantage of the EV Everywhere tariff.

I hope this helps.

I am in the process of getting an electric vehicle so thought I’d look into the EV Everywhere plan but cannot find the plan details.  I also have the OVO Beyond bundle so 100% renewable electricity.


The information I get from the “Your Unit Rates” drop down on the page https://paym.ovoenergy.com/upgrade-eve are different from those on the “My Plan” section of the My Profile page https://paym.ovoenergy.com/my-profile#plan 

So a few of questions:

Where can I find the rate information for EV Everywhere?

Why is there a difference between the information on My Plan and Your Unit Rates?

What is the cost of EV Everywhere?  Are there a daytime and nighttime rates?


I’m a bit confused whether to change or not.

Thanks in advance for your help


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Welcome to the forum, @PoinDexter, I’ve popped your post here, the above thread covers most things EV. 

You can get all the rate info your need for the EV everywhere tariff here.

The rates should match, so it is odd to hear that they are being displayed differently, please get in touch with our team so that we can take a look into this. 

You can send us a message on Facebook, Twitter or email the team on hello@ovoenergy.com. You can reach our team on: 0330 303 5063. Our opening hours are 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.


Hello @Amy_OVO many thanks for the swift response. I will email the team about the different displays.  On the EV tariff, I checked the https://www.ovoenergy.com/ev-everywhere page you suggested but cannot find details on the tariff.  I am trying to compare my current tariff with the EV Everywhere one so would like to see each so I can make an informed choice.

Thanks again!

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 On the EV tariff, I checked the https://www.ovoenergy.com/ev-everywhere page you suggested but cannot find details on the tariff.  I am trying to compare my current tariff with the EV Everywhere one so would like to see each so I can make an informed choice.



You’ll need to click on “get a quote@PoinDexter, then enter your address details, you’ll then be taken to our EV Everywhere tariff. Click on Electricity & Gas unit rates to see the charge and prices.