EV Everywhere - 'Oops something went wrong' email re failure to link accounts

  • 30 April 2019
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I've successfully used a Polar-Plus RFID card to charge my 30kw Nissan Leaf for over a year. A month ago, I joined EV Everywhere, and thought I'd linked it to my Polar-Plus account. Then, the 'Oops' email from Ovo, suggesting I was attempting to use a different email at Polar-Network .com than at Ovo, and to use the same email address. This is not true, I only ever use one email address. Polar-Network.com site tells me I'm linked in, and shows my correct Ovo account number. Today, I attempted to use a Polar charge point for the first time since upgrading to EV Everywhere, and my RFID card is invalid.

Who do I ask for help please, Ovo or Polar/Chargemaster. Anyone?

2 replies

Update - Turns out there's nothing wrong with my RFID card, the charge point I was attempting to use, (shown on the Polar-Plus live map) is actually operated by Lancaster City Council and requires registration. When Polar help line informed me of this, they directed me to another charge point less than a mile away, looked identical with same City Council notices displayed, not on Polar Plus live map, but card worked and car charged.

Don't understand this, or the Oops email, but up and running again and got a follow-up call from Chargemaster so once again a happy Leaf driver.
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Hey @MisterT.,

Glad to hear you got this sorted in the end. Useful to have this kind of information on the forum if any other EV users need help with similar things :)