Does anyone have any feedback on VCharge?

I am very interested in people’s experiences of VCharge . Have they had it fitted to their storage heaters yet ? Has it been a success ? Has it reduced usage at all ?
We renewed our contract last September and agreed to have VCharge fitted to our storage heaters . The smart meter was fitted in November in preparation , but the VCharge hasn’t been fitted yet , due to “ reprogramming” of the system . We are very excited and eager to have VCharge and wonder when it is likely to be available ( it’s been 3 months now) and if it is as good as I’m hoping it to be ?

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@geoffenator don't you have this in place?
No I’m still waiting for an appointment for OVO to fit VCharge . I have been waiting since September .
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@Tim_OVO - I've got a similar kind of thing installed but VCharge isn't suitable for me because I have gas CH rather than electric storage.

Mine is a Genius Hub that swaps out standard radiator TRVs for wireless ones that communicate with a central controller. Each room can have its own schedule but there are temperature sensors and motion detectors scattered around the house for control based on occupancy.


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