Does anyone have any feedback on VCharge?

  • 24 February 2018
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I am very interested in people’s experiences of VCharge . Have they had it fitted to their storage heaters yet ? Has it been a success ? Has it reduced usage at all ?
We renewed our contract last September and agreed to have VCharge fitted to our storage heaters . The smart meter was fitted in November in preparation , but the VCharge hasn’t been fitted yet , due to “ reprogramming” of the system . We are very excited and eager to have VCharge and wonder when it is likely to be available ( it’s been 3 months now) and if it is as good as I’m hoping it to be ?

7 replies

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@geoffenator don't you have this in place?
No I’m still waiting for an appointment for OVO to fit VCharge . I have been waiting since September .
@Tim_OVO - I've got a similar kind of thing installed but VCharge isn't suitable for me because I have gas CH rather than electric storage.

Mine is a Genius Hub that swaps out standard radiator TRVs for wireless ones that communicate with a central controller. Each room can have its own schedule but there are temperature sensors and motion detectors scattered around the house for control based on occupancy.
As an update we have had Vcharge installed for over 6 months now and we are extremely pleased. Frankly it has transformed our storage heaters ! It truly does make them controllable , with constant heat throughout the day . The ability to turn each radiator on/off via an app is so useful . In addition as a result of having the split charging periods we have hot water all day , where previously we struggled to have hot water in the evening . Thoroughly recommend it .
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Great news @Buttercup ! Good to hear!!

Please make sure you keep us all updated with how its going, it will help others who are considering this!! And we are all interested in how it performs overtime!


Is VCharge (the retro fit version for older storage heaters) available to new customers?

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Hi @jonathan - I’ve answered this question over here.