What will happen to Economy Energy Credit balances?

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I was an Economy energy customer until Sep 5th, & had a credit balance of £172.00, which I have been requesting from them till the recent collapse. Since OvoEnergy has now been appointed as the new supplier, & my credit balance is protected by Ofgem how do I go about getting my credit refunded.?.

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Hey @scoobydoo287

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Nor do I. These companies chase you if you owe them and delay as long as they can if they owe you because of the interest being earned. Only way is renationalisation of the whole industry. Have to wait a bit for the ombudsman but will try Ofgem......
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so EE Administrators have provided final bills for gas and electric to me back in June showing my account is in credit by around £200 (which is what I thought) but OVO won’t accept them until they’ve been verified by Grant Thornton. I’ve now emailed GT 3 times and have no response. Would really like my refund which has been due since end of last year please (when I changed to an alternative supplier before EE went bust). Can someone from OVO help? I’ve been using Messenger and have spoken to various people at OVO over recent months but nothing is happening which is extremely frustrating. Thanks
Sent my final statements from Economy Energy to OVO last week and got a reply by phone today saying I should get my refund in 10 days or so. I'm not to worried now I know there is someone doing something can't be easy trying to sort out 240,000 new customers. Like most I have been trying since October 2018 when I left EE but was lucky in requesting final statements before they went bust. Not letting it bother me to much as long as I get the refund, just to say they are not the only energy suppliers who work in this way I was transferred from Economic Energy to Scottish power and exactly the same type of thing is happening with them.
I am the same. I can see the final bills and I called GT who said they sent them months ago to OVO.

What I don't belive is that no one in ovo does not have a name, email or phone nunber of someone at GT. I was transferred over fairly quickly in January but now waiting in my credit is a joke.

I know that this is an expensive mistake and I am now down £300.
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Hi Darran_OVO

I got an email saying that you may have solved the question being asked in this thread.

Considering the people are all complaining that 9 months on we are all owed money from ee and ovo can't do anything to help I don't find it solved by referring to some 8 months old faq's.

I am just frustrated and annoyed with the lack of help and am now considering this a loss of £300.

And yes ee created and sent the final bill to ovo months ago.

i got the same email yesterday, so disappointed to log on to find no response. We’re basically being ignored. OVO, we need some answers or some direction please.
I had some good news this morning, I messeged then via Facebook messenger, my cheque was sent for processing on the 8th, so any day now. Fingers crossed.

Got my BACS transfer this morning, surprised!
Finally resolved since Aug 2018
I received a cheque for full amount owed this morning.
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Hi @Jayne321 as posted above you need to send a Direct Message to @Darran_OVO for which I provided the instructions here.

Include your Economy Energy Account-number, Billing Address and any other relevant information such as the exact date your contract ended and the amount you are owed. This will get collated and passed to the appointed Administrator.
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I can't quite follow this, @GasElec

Are you saying that you transferred from Economy Energy on 30oct18 to EDF, and yet Economy Energy has continued to take DD's for 3 successive months thereafter?

If so, then:

A. Check with EDF that the meters actually did transfer to them. As the Receiving Supplier, it is their responsibility to handle the switching process. I've had previous experience of a new account being created by the Receiving Supplier who failed to complete the handover correctly, effectively leaving me with live accounts for two companies.

B. Contact your bank, and put a stop to the Direct Debits. Most banks permit this online. No one at OVO can undertake this for you because they never had a DD Mandate from you in the first place.

C. Send a Private Message to @Darran_OVO with your old account number, the amount you were in credit on the switch-date and the amounts erroneously taken after that date.

I'm not entirely sure if OVO are collating a list of all past customers of EE, or if this only applies to those who have transferred to OVO. Either way, the Administrator needs details of your claim.
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Hey @charlotteog not invisible, sorry someone didn't respond to your post.

Agree it's taking a long time to resolve this, but to some extent we are at the mercy of the administrators and getting everything we need from them to be able to help you.

If we have your final bill that's a great start, I know EE and the administrators are disputing some meter readings etc which could effect peoples final bills, but the team are working as hard as they can to get through the huge backlog of customers left in a similar position by EE.

Please bear with us. If you would like someone to check your account again, just give us a quick call and one of our agents will be able to get you an update.

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Hi @Moca and @TonyL

You can send a Direct Message to the Moderator, @Darran_OVO by following the instructions I posted here last week.

Or you can email to OVO Customer Services

Try to put all your relevant information in ONE message.
Hi Transparent, Done as you say yesterday thanks will give Darran a couple of days to reply. Not used to Forums so sorry if protocol not correct.
Your right it was Extra Energy, this energy thing is driving me crazy just trying to decide if I should change from SP Iv'e 4 months to decide so hey ho. Its great people like yourself are out there to ask for advise thanks again and everyone else.
Just managed to speak to them directly.
  • They apologise for the delay, but are blaming it on economy energy not sending account details to them
  • If you had already moved away from economy energy they will pay by cheque as you don't have a direct debit
  • They are currently saying and hoping to get this resolved this month - but they are not promising this
  • I have been asked to send in copies of my final statement from economy energy but email from them not received as yet
Ovo have not helped themselves by not updating us all, and I have a feeling that this is not going to end well.
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The topics above will give you the info you need, @yeomans, I appreciate this has been a drawn out process but we are now near to getting things finalised.

Thanks for sorting my issue out re economy energy, got my refund today many thanks.
Ok thanks however when the administrators advised me that they had issued my verified final bills the advice was to wait 3 weeks and then contact OVO to arrange a refund - subsequently OVO have consistently knocked back my requests to refund my money is it any wonder that people are confused about who is responsible for the final bit of the process.
i have copied an extract from the email they sent on 14th June which concluded their investigation

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That's useful clarification @elfin Thanks for posting here.

Economy Energy's failure to keep correct and proper customer records seems to have led to their demise. It's no surprise that OVO are having difficulty in checking the validity of claims.

However, I disagree with your last comment. Your money is safe because it is underwritten by Ofgem, the industry regulator. Even if the appointed Company Administrator eventually reports a deficit in funds, Ofgem will make good what's owed to customers.

It operates in a similar fashion to the payouts arranged by ABTA when a travel company goes bust.

And, contrary to what @Doctor Houx posted above, there is no point in any ex-EE customers contacting Ofgem direct. They regulate the industry, and don't handle cases for individuals.

It is the Office of the Energy Ombudsman which handles customer complaints when Energy Suppliers fail to address or resolve matters.
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Its great people like yourself are out there to ask for advise thanks again and everyone else.

Yes @TonyL the likes of @Transparent and our other super users are amazing and are what keep this community going! 👌

@Jack41 @jking and anyone else with a 'credit with EE' query, thanks for reach out on the forum!

If you were supplied by EE when they stopped trading, your credit balance will get transferred to us along with all of your account info. If you had already left and were owed a refund, we will be honouring this. We just need some time! PM @Darran_OVO who's very kindly adding users who are owed money from EE to a list - make sure to provide your Economy Energy account number, the amount owed, full address, full name, email address and phone number.

For any other queries, there's an Economy Energy FAQ topic here!
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Ah... that's useful information @Tim_OVO

So if the ex-EE customers are going to receive their refunds from OVO, rather than EE's appointed Administrator, then I assume they can all close their Direct Debits at the bank. I assume OVO can't pay them back by this method because the DD Mandate was in favour of EE, and not OVO.

Can you please confirm this?

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I've popped you post here, @Alison88, the is a lot of information and input in the thread above that you may find useful. I'd recommend getting in touch with our team, they'll be able to take a look into your account.

You can send us a message on Facebook, Twitter or email the team on, or give them a call. You can reach our Customer Care team 9-5 Monday-Friday on 0330 30 5063.

Finally, welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy and find it helpful!
Is anyone else still waiting? I was told this would have been sorted out approx one month ago. I am owed money. OVO say that they have received nothing from the administrators. The administrators assure me they have sent the final statements. I have forwarded the final statements to OVO as well.
Standard practice appears to be, quick to take your money and very slow to refund.
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Economy Energy Customer

Take a look at the best answer, @bill wright! 🙂
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That's useful feedback you've given above @jking

A. So it's OK to terminate a Direct Debit in favour of EE, and yet OVO believe they can still successfully send a credit to those accounts. Good.

B. We also now have an idea of the timescale involved.

I don't think OVO will be waiting until they've resolved each and every ex-EE account issue before starting to credit people. They might find it easier to settle the amounts still owed to customers who had left EE at least a month before they entered Administration. After all, there's no need to check what's still owed for a current Statement in such cases.

And there will inevitably be a few cases which have to drop to the back of the queue because there is erroneous information to look through. In amongst these will be the inevitable few who have never been an EE customer, but are just "trying it on" to see if they can obtain a payout.

But there will also be some who have since changed their address, or had recently had a meter changed. I'm afraid these will take longer to deal with unless the Administrator is able to secure finance to continue paying a few ex-EE staff with relevant expertise to help sort through their files/databases.

As @Jack41 advises... make sure that you have supplied all necessary information, and that it's correct.
Great News Thank you OVO very much
Received my cheque from OVO this afternoon with my full refund.

To all EX EE Customers You will get all your account refund from OVO
you can now relax for they will soon be arriving and thats the TRUTH,
OVO are sorting it.
Thanks again guys & dolls for all your help.