What will happen to Economy Energy Credit balances?

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My Daughter revived a cheque from them for the £50 that she was in credit for with her prepayment meter with three weeks of moving as thy could not take her new service. She paid the cheque in and it bounced back stating that OVO didn't have an account with Barclays. Now you have to ask are this company printing fake cheques.
Tom, Same for me - just a note to say added to the list........

safetyman - your cheque bounce could be classed as fraud btw.......
I had a credit on my account when with economy energy I had already swapped supplier before they went out of business but the credit was never refunded or moved to new supplier I had sent them many emails spoke on phone and online chat but kept getting fobbed off is ovo going to refund me ovo have sent me one email in January but nothing since
I left Economy Energy on 18/09/18 before they went into administration, I was told I was in credit by 214:00, but basically got told yes you will be getting what is owed to you in due course, I obviously never received anything after many calls and emails heard that they had gone bust, just wondering will I ever get what is owed to me ? And if so how much longer will it take?
I have asked same question haven’t heard anything
I left EE in August and pursued my refund many many times over several months and was given the usual claptrap the refund was being processed etc. I still do not have it although I have emails confirming the amount. How do I get this from Ovo as I understand this now sits with you. How do I get hold of someone in Ovo to do this as I am not a customer?
Hmm sending out checks when you paid by direct debit is a bit strange. But makes sense if these cheques are bouncing. I think an official update on things would be nice about now.
I agree. I have been told I have been added to a list But nothing has been said as to when the list will be dealt with and no timescale as to when the refund will be processed. An official update is overdue I think.
How about it Ovo, we may not be your customers but we are owed money and surely deserve an official update. People complained about Economy Energy being difficult to get info out of but to be honest they were a lot more communicative than you.
I've requested an update on their Facebook messenger service.
Same sh#t different day.... her' s my reply off them.. Hey Steven, Economy Energy haven't verified your refund amount so we can't process this at the moment. Unfortunately, we don’t yet have a time frame for how long it’ll take to get credit back, only that it is protected and on it’s way. We’ll be in touch as soon as we know more, rest assured we are doing our best to get this sorted as quickly as possible. Thanks, Amy
I am also an ex economy energy customer awaiting a refund since September 2018.
I WOULD URGE ALL CUSTMOMERS be pro-active in chasing your refund. I was disappointed to see all the advice on the " Frequently asked questions" was to sit-tight and wait for Ovo to contact you. I called Ovo on the 28th January and was told the same thing. I called today and was initially told that Ovo needed to wait for Ofgem to give them your account information before they could process refunds and that he had "no idea" how long this would take. So there advice was (guess what) "sit-tight and wait for us to contact you" However after some pushing the call operator said that if you can email your final account statement or bill to you WILL GET YOUR REFUND IN 10 DAYS. Why has it been so hard to find this information? It feels like Ovo are also dragging their heals in terms of refunds for us ex-customers.
I forwarded my final statements to OVO on 2nd feb, I'm still getting fobbed off by them....
Perhaps Ovo would like to respond? they seem to be quiet? I have sent personal messages to Darran_OVO and other company representatives but it seems non of them are interested in replying to this thread?!?!?!?!?
I missed a call today and if you ring they leave you in a queue and if you email you get an automated one back, so frustrating
Thanks ABpower, I have e-mailed copies of my final Bill's to OVO today. Let's wait and see if Iget my refund within 10 days!.........
I think we all realize this wasn't going to be a quick solution but being fobbed off with 10 day promises etc. is not on. I bet the people who were still EE customers got info about their new accounts pretty quickly. I think it's probably time to turn your efforts to Ofgem, I believe it was the number of complaints received that put Economy out of business and I know OVO aren't squeaky clean.
That sounds like a good plan.
When r we getting a final bill, etc from economy energy? I've had no statement of energy off anyone since last December? The only email I've now had is your putting your rates up!
Is anyone else in the situation where Economy Energy had not bothered to produce their final bill ? They did produce 2 bills for me, which only covered the period up to 4 days before I left. Convenient, as these aren’t actually final bills.

i suspect this will drag on for a few more months now, so I will contact Ofgem to find out, yet again, what is a reasonable time to expect a refund. The “do it when we can” approach is quite frustrating. But I suspect there is no industry standard timeframe, which I find staggering.

Most staggering is that companies are loosely bound to refund you in 14 days after your final bill is produced, but yet have no requirement to produce said bill within a certain timeframe.
EE erroneously took 2 direct debits from us after we had switched to another supplier back in October 2018. Can anyone give me an idea how long it takes to get the money back? I appreciate Ovo must be busy but is now a long time back.
Thanks Ann
@Skelts I got my final bill go one account but not the other … and still heard nothing from OVO … Think perhaps Ofgem for me as well.
@Skelts I got my final bill go one account but not the other … and still heard nothing from OVO … Think perhaps Ofgem for me as well.

Don't waste your time with Ofgem - totally toothless!

I registered my complaint about this problem on their website, waited 3 months for them to "investigate" it and when they eventually replied, missing their own self imposed deadline to do so, they just advised to contact OVO who had taken on all the ex EE accounts.

Hopeless. Only way to get our credit balances repaid is to keep hassling OVO via this forum I think and each of us eventually get the £00's owed to us back.

The Government encourages you to switch to a better tariff, and when some of us did that, our supplier goes bust owing us money and we are in a worse place than before switching. The system stinks! Why can't we have Government compensation for this, in the way they now do this with the banks for balances up to £85k when they go bust. Same needed for these unscrupulous energy suppliers.
I left Economy Energy in November and i have emailed Customer Compliants at Ovo on the 22 Feb and promised that someone would get back to me in 3-5 days. It’s is now 5 March well over 5 days and I’m still waiting for an answer on when I will get my money refunded
If anyone has received money owed to them by EE and which is now being procesed through OVO could they please leave a post on this site. This would perhaps give some hope to others that are still waiting for the return of their cash.