What will happen to Economy Energy Credit balances?

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I have been chasing a credit balance from Economy for 4 months. I have a final bill that I can send to you confirming that Economy Energy owe me £692.00. I am now a customer of EDF. Could you please tell me when I can expect payment of my credit balance to be paid?



If you can still Access your EE online account you could if you wish supply OVO with your EE account password and they can see your cedit balance for themselves. This does depend on whether you trust( OVO ) inorder for you to do this.? ONLY USE PRIVATE EMAIL IF YOU DO.
I was an Economy Energy customer till september when I changed suppliers.

My gas account was in credit by £262.77 and the electric account was in credit by £873.37, how can I get refunded.
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Hi @avb Welcome to the OVO Forum.

All the information you need is within the three pages of this Topic. I suggest you start by looking at what the Moderator, @Darran_OVO wrote here at the start of the thread.

If you need further clarity, please re-post here and ask a question. You don't need to use the "correct terminology" and you shouldn't mention specifics of anything relating to your account. This is a public Forum, and there are several of us who can assist.
Im sure things are pretty manic at the moment but just wanted to know if I had been added to Darran's list?
I sent my details by private message a few days back but have not had a response.
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Hi @Tiger75 - I'm afraid you can't get a response to this on a Sunday because there's no OVO staff on duty. Volunteers like myself obviously can't access any data directly related to customers.

If you want Darran to be notified that you've mentioned him on an open Forum thread, then I recommend you start typing his name with the @ sign. As you continue to enter the following letters, his name will gradually appear at the top of a drop-down list on-screen. Once you see it, just click on it, and it will then appear like this @Darran_OVO. The forum software automatically turns it blue... and sends him on on-screen message to view when he's next on-duty. 😃

I think you're correct in your assumption that things are pretty manic within OVO at the moment! Despite them wanting to communicate with ex-EE customers as quickly as possible, they are also bound by the Data Privacy Laws. So if someone writes to them but inadvertently makes a mistake such as a wrong digit in an account number, they have to delve back into EE's records to verify who they're talking to. Aagh!
I left Economy energy in August and was owed £568. I have been chasing my refund since September, Can you please advise what I should do.
Hi I’m a previous economy Energy customer with outstanding credit of 186 for electric and 294 £ for gas. I have a final bill as I was persistent with getting but didn’t manage to get my refund before they collapsed. I really want my many back but even getting through with ovo is looking to more difficult Thant I’ve expected. What do I do now?
We were customers of Economy Energy till September 2018 & when we left our account was in credit by £280 approx. as we had built up credit during the summer monthly payments. After trying to get our overpayments back from Economy Energy without success we have been told our credit balance is protected. How do I go about trying to get this large sum of money back as we are really concerned. Thanks.
I was an Economy energy customer until Dec 7th, & had a credit balance of £359.62, which I have been requesting from them till the recent collapse. Since OvoEnergy has now been appointed as the new supplier, & my credit balance is protected by Ofgem how do I go about getting my credit refunded.?.
Hi Darran,

I'm a former Economy Energy customer having switched to a different supplier (British Gas) at the beginning of this year right before the collapse. I have been charged £158 by Economy Energy for this month even though I am officially with a different supplier since January.

How can I claim money back? What are the further steps?

Tried to contact the customer support line but they're having a technical issue and do not reply.

Many thanks,

Nurila Abdraimova
Darren I have PM’d you in regards to my EE account

kind regards
I have read the forum and like many others, I am owed a refund of a credit balance from Economy Energy.

I left them in September 2018 and finally had a final invoice showing a credit balance of £191.85 on 1st November. I switched supplier before they went bust and am still waiting for this credit to be paid. I contacted the Energy Ombudsman and lodged a claim, but they suggested I contact OVO direct as you have taken on responsibility to pay all credit balances.

My EE account number was 2034869, so what else do you need to know in order to pay me?

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@almatylon @Doctor Houx @toakes @Barbara M - our very own Darran_OVO is doing his best to take down info from former EE customers about any credit their owed.

Please ensure that in the PM, you include your EE account number, email address, full address, name, contact number and the amount you believe is owed. This won't be the best contact channel for further service queries, but Darran should be able to get to your message this week and add you to a list we're making.

Thanks all!
Iam a former customer of Economy Energy . I switched provider on 19/11/2018 prior to them going into administration and with a signifcant credit balance of circa £234.00.

The new provider is Powershop whom picked up my account on the same data as above.

Whim at I appreciate you are in the process of picking up account details from Economy Energy the fact remains that I ought to have received my credit more than 90 days ago.

Can you please confirm that you are the party responsible for payment of credit balances and give indication of when I will receive my credit.
I have waited for Ovo Energy to contact me as advised by Ofgem. I have heard nothing and have just found out that i need to contact Ovo myself. Please how do i get the ball rolling with my refund as like many others i have been waiting along time.
I have been waiting for Ovo Energy to contact me as advised by Ofgem in January, having been chasing a refund that was even at that stage long overdue from Economy Energy as i left in October 2018. Having heard nothing still I checked online again and after searching found out that i need to contact Ovo myself to register the refund claim....totally contrary to the advice received from Ofgem and contrary to the message still displayed on the Economy energy website. The statement says to 'get in touch' with Ovo but extremely unhelpfully doesn't explain how it is possible to even do that and a trawl around the website yielded nothing of help! Please how do i get the ball rolling with my refund as like many others i have been waiting a very long time.
Thanks Darren for your reply (pm) bet you have a big list lol.😁

I would like to request a contact from OVO. regarding an outstanding repayment from Economy Energy.

We are owed over £600 from Economy Energy who made no attempts to repay this.

Please can you contact me so we can get the ball rolling on this repayment. I have filled in an online email contact form but I have no idea if this was actually sent as I did not get a confirmation.


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Hi @sharon G

Most of Economy Energy customers seem to have ended up discussing this subject over on the Topic Economy Energy Credit Balances which is worthwhile reading.

Ofgem's advice is correct... you would in time be contacted by staff at OVO. However, they are inundated with ex-EE customers who are contacting them (often multiple times) and this obviously slows up the process.

OVO are compiling a list of all those owed money by EE. This gets approved by the official Administrator, now in charge of EE. You can email your details to OVO but I suggest you first read the comments on the other thread so that you know what's required. Try to get all the relevant details in just one message.
Same here, economy energy continued to take money after contract ended. Sent private message to Daniel as suggested.

I actually have a copy of my final bills with the amount owed clearly stated.

Hope this can get resolved soon.
need advice how to get back money owed to me by economy energy
@Darran_OVO hi Darren,

I too am in a similar position to most of the Economy Energy customers. I believe I am owed somewhere in the region of £536 for Gas and £436 for Electricity.

I switched to another supplier at the end of Nov 2018, and have not been communicated with since then.

Please can you let me know what needs to be done to recover these funds?


The time it is taking for all this isn't great, especially for those who are still trying to get their money back from last year. We have been promised a refund, and that it will be resolved soon. Hopefully, I have little faith in the progress of this, sadly.
I switched from economy energy in Sept 2018. I received my final bills and have a credit of 179.89. I requested this credit over the next couple of months to no avaail . I put in a complaint in December2018 and did not hear anthing. In Jan 2019 i complained to the Energy ombudsman and they told me the company had been put into liquidation and ofgem would decide who would take over . I am trying now to get in touch with yoursleves Name S Pilkingto, OL10 2BS ( 15) A/C NO 2048509 email I await your responce
I was a customer of Economy Energy until end October 2018. I have received the final bill for my electricity account but not for my gas account. I have chased this several times with EE but still haven't received the bill. There is a credit balance on both accounts.

  1. How do I get the final bill from EE?
  2. Once I have the final bills, how do I claim the refund of the credit balance?
Many thanks for your help