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We're uSwitch Energy Supplier of the Year 2019!

We're uSwitch Energy Supplier of the Year 2019!
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We are so excited to share this great news with you all!!

A big THANK YOU to all that helped us win this fantastic achievement, and to everyone that believes in us and in our ambition to create a greener energy system of the future!

We love putting customers first and will continue to do so!

On the forum we are especially excited to see us recognised for our Digital and Online Experience, this covers all elements where we strive to give the best possible experiences in handling your account, finding out what we are working on and generally be able to be part of our journey online. The forum for us, is a part of that, so thank you to everyone here for being so engaged and joining us on our journey!

Tell us below why you love OVO! Let's take a moment to be positive and enjoy this great achievement!

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I find it hard to believe you got these awards, when you are incapable of sorting out Smart metering, which was the reason i joined you. The other suppliers must be really crap!
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@Darran_OVO Well done dude! It has been an honour to join you as a customer! I will continue to assist users via the forum for as long as I can! 😎

Keep up the good work Guys/Girls!


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