UPDATE 04/09/19 *BUG NOW FIXED* - Setting up Direct Debits via OVO app

  • 25 July 2019
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UPDATE 04/09/19 *BUG NOW FIXED* - Setting up Direct Debits via OVO app
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Hey everyone,

Just a quick bulletin to let you all know that we're currently experiencing some technical issues when customers attempt to set up a new Direct Debit instruction via the app.

Last week we launched a new feature where you'd be able to set up a Direct Debit using the app. However, a bug means that this option is not showing up for some customers.
We’re going to work on fixing this as soon as possible - but in the meantime, please don't attempt to use this option as the instruction will likely not be set up.


4 replies

It's not the only bug you suffer from. If you don't sort my account out I will have to see if the Ombudsman can do something to help me. My log in page is stuck on the 'welcome to OVO, we now have you by the short and curlies so tough s**t if you are expecting any kind of customer service'.
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Sorry to hear this, @maingate.

If you’re on a computer, please ensure you’re using Google Chrome as your account is optimised for this browser. Please also clear your cookies and cache and try login again.

If you’re currently logging in with your email address, you may wish to try your OVO ID.

If there's no joy with the above please contact our team.

You can send us a message on Facebook, Twitter or email the team on hello@ovoenergy.com, or give them a call. You can reach our Customer Care team 9-5 Monday-Friday on 0330 30 5063.
Hi Amy.

I have done as you said in your post above and nothing has changed.

I tried ringing the Customer Care telephone number you gave me and I get a message that the number has not been recognised. My only option now is to send an email (I am assuming that it will work when nothing else does). 😫
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I am so sorry, @maingate, I missed out a digit, our number is: 0330 303 5063, please give our team a call they'll be able to help.

Butter fingers!