OVO iOS and Android app version 6.1.1 - release notes

  • 23 March 2018
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We're releasing updates for the OVO app every few days now, and we can fix most issues without needing to use the Play Store or App Store

Bugs fixed
- Help button positioning fixed on iPhones with larger screens
- The header titles weren't correctly aligned

New features
- In-app feedback - we're going to ask you about the experience in certain places to help us decide what to improve next
- We're trialling new ways to submit meter reads. Some customers will see the different options we're trying in our experiment.

Coming soon
There are lots of things we'd like to improve and we're working hard on them. These are coming soon:

- Customers aren't able to easily input their password on Android on some devices. We're digging into which devices it is and why that might be and we'll try to fix it.

- Currently the app isn't very informative if there is some kind of outage in our authentication system. We have a team making lots of improvements to the way you log in because we know that can be a big source of frustration for you. We've had to do some planned maintenance late at night, and customers wanting to log into the app at that time have found error messages rather than a helpful message. We're adding a helpful page to the app to explain when we know we can't authenticate you.

- We've heard you about the way that back buttons behave and the lack of a landscape view. We're going to have to make major changes to the app to improve those, but we're committed to resolving them. Watch this space for more details.

If you'd like to take part in our research and try out bleeding-edge new features leave a comment here or email research@ovoenergy.com

5 replies

I'd like to try out any new features 🙂
I would also like to be a first to try out new features and report back on them. I love app testing.