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  • 30 October 2019
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Tackling inequality in education


We’re announcing today the OVO Foundation’s commitments to tackling inequality in education. The foundation is pledging £240,000 of funding over the next two years to these three projects: 

  • Doorstep Library
  • Parental Engagement Network (PEN) 
  • Tales Toolkit 

Find out more about these projects in our blog announcement here!


Below you can see other announcements and news about the OVO Foundation. Leave a comment if you’ve ever donated, so we can understand what motivated you!

3 replies

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Next year’s OVO Gives Back charities have been announced! Spoiler alert: 5 local charities supported - see our OVO Foundation blog for more info! 

If you know about any of our fantastic five, we want to hear from you, so leave a comment below!

All great causes! My pick is Action for Conservation. Getting kids connecting with nature is always a good thing. It's been said to help reduce stress and anxiety, and will build up the next generation of eco warriors! 

Had a chance to look at any of our new charities yet @Don Carlos @Peetee @jdenver @Bumblebee ?

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Based near Bristol or passionate about tackling the climate crisis?


Have a look at our latest OVO Foundation blog post, which outlines how we’re teaming up with Bristol City Council, funding workshops to help empower young people in tackling climate change!

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