OVO Community Blog - Issue 22

  • 4 November 2019
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OVO Community Blog - Issue 22
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Half-Term and Halloween! 

Another busy week across OVO.  We certainly embraced the Halloween spirit here at OVO and engaged in lots of activities over the last few days.  Your very own Forum mods also got into the spirit of things with a “Mighty Boosh” inspired Halloween dress up theme!  Personally I think they rocked it!  


From an energy perspective, the weather definitely didn’t help energy use over the half term break, as we, along with a lot of other families I suspect were driven indoors by the horrible wet weather we’ve had!!  There was a lot of board game time, movie watching and lots of baking in our house!   Great for the soul, but not so good for our energy bills!!   


My daughter and I attempted our first vegan cake and it turned out pretty well!!  We were super happy with it!  It was really good, like a giant blueberry muffin!! 


What’s been going on?

In OVO world, we had some great coverage in the press over the last week.  Check out this article on OVO’s Vehicle to grid charger and an intelligent energy grid.   Thanks to those already engaged in the topic!  Great to get your views on this! 


We also announced last week that we’ve invested in energy marketplace, Renewable Exchange.  You can read more about this here and follow the coverage on Twitter.  



OVO Beyond continues to drive climate change awareness and how we can work together towards a Zero Carbon future.  


Join the OVO Forum

So want to find out what’s been going on across the forum this week?  Look no further.  There have been loads of you getting stuck into to community life, asking questions, posting comments.  It’s great.  Make sure you check out the latest hot topics via the homepage. 


For anyone moving home or has moved home recently, can you help@lettuceleaf with their question on what they need to do to move home with OVO


Ever wanted to know why the “Greehouse Effect” is called the greenhouse effect? Well the wait is over.  Thanks to@asktaxman for posting this question and to@PeterR1947 for providing the answer!  


Ever wondered how much energy some of your appliances use, or how much you spend on electricity a year by leaving your mobile phone charger plugged in and switched on when you are not using it? @Transparent and@PeterR1947 have been discussing this over on this topic.  


OVO EV Forum

Thinking about making the move to an EV? Check out our OVO EV Forum.  It’s brimming with useful info on what products we offer to make owning an EV even easier, and loads of great reviews and articles of life with an EV.  Worth checking out@Chris_OVO series on the MPG Marathon he took part in.  Really interesting to see the highs and lows of driving an EV over a large number of miles.  


In our featured topics, don’t forget, if you haven’t fed back on the OVO Foundation yet, head over here to do so now!  We really want to know what you think and get your ideas to help us make the foundation even better! 


Need to know which Mods are around to help if you need it?  Check out out Moderator of the day topic.  Don’t forget to check out the unanswered questions if you want to make someone else’s day and offer a bit of friendly advice! 


Finally big welcome to some of our newest members,@tina t @elthomas @gemlou1982 @Loveovo and@scottsen11.  Great to see some of you getting stuck straight in and asking a question or posting a comment.   


Have a great week all! 


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7 replies

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Ah yes, @Darran_OVO. It’s great when your offspring are old enough to become self-raising, and Mum can finally enjoy the fruits of her labour! :wink:

So did you really take an active part in cake making, or was that a Royal “we”?

Got any photographic evidence of you in an apron?!

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Haha@Transparent I was definitely involved in the process, but was chief photographer aswell :camera_with_flash:


We love baking our house and love trying out new recipes!! 


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Did you ever see the year-long series when BBC Newsnight commissioned their reporter Justin Rowlatt to change his family lifestyle to become eco-friendly? It was hilarious - his kids had more idea what it meant than he did!

Ironically, he’s now BBC Chief Environment Correspondent.

So… keeping this on Topic for the Forum, I think we’d be interested to learn two things from what you’ve just posted here this week…


A  Why is this your first vegan cake?

Have you or  your family recently decided to go vegan, and is this a response to the Climate Change crisis?


B  What energy sources do you use in your kitchen? You mentioned the energy bill, which suggests you think there’s an issue with your current provision.


… and a message to the family - please ensure we get evidence/photos of Dad’s involvement in future!

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Lol, no I didn’t see that series!  To answer your questions: 


A: No we are not going vegan, I had to bake for my glorious moderators as part of a team Bake Off competition we’ve been doing over the last few weeks!  (if your baker got knocked out, you had to then bake something to bring in for the team to enjoy).  I have 2 vegans on my team, so wanted to make sure I baked something that the whole team could enjoy!   However, the result was really good, and it was simple to make so definitely keen to try more recipes. :smile:  Every little helps right. 


B: Electric Oven, which has been used a lot over the last week or so with different baking and cooking etc, so definitely been used a lot more than we’d normally do in a week! 


I will try and get pics of me getting stuck in too in the future!  :joy:


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Ah, I see. I hadn’t realised that the premise of Bake Off was bakers being “knocked out” in the opening episode. That brings a whole new meaning to Reality TV :wink:

So I’m still interested to know from the Team Members that are vegan: how much is that down to personal decision-making (like not wanting animals killed), and how much is as a response to Climate Change?

Do you think that there’s a higher proportion of vegans in younger age-groups, such as those who work at OVO?

Is that reflected in the options available in your (excellent) foyer café?


Yes, @Darran_OVO, I too have just installed new electric ovens. But I’ve retained a gas hob.

That seems to be the prevailing view of the current best options, but I’m unsure if that’s due to the benefits of even heat in an electric oven, or because of energy efficiency.

Does @PeterR1947 have a view on that?

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@Darran_OVO@Transparent  I also have a gas hob and electric oven; the hob became invaluable during the power cut this week!

Regarding ovens, we have an electric fan oven which does give an even heat and I think that’s the main reason for using electricity even though gas, per kWh, is cheaper.  We recently holidayed in Skegness with a Daily Fail caravan deal which had a gas oven; results were dreadful :(

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I’ll have to defer to @Nancy_OVO to answer that one for you @Transparent!!   There are more and more great vegan recipes being posted and shared all the time, so it definitely doesn’t feel like a niche thing as much anymore.  But again I’m sure Nancy has views on that! 


I too have a gas hob, great if there is a power cut and we actually like cooking on gas.  We did consider an induction hob, however they are so expensive, plus you have to replace all of your cookware, it just wasn’t viable for us.   


Haha @PeterR1947 yes, we had a gas oven in a previous home and it was awful, difficult to light and didn’t cook evenly at all.  We were glad to get rid of it!