OVO and Corgi Homecare partner up - thoughts?

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Oh dear @Nickk,

And was the money you'd paid for the Service Cover refunded?

If there really isn't a clause about there being no cover for boilers older than 15 years, then this also comes under the Consumer Rights Act. One of the new aspects of the Act over the original Sale of Goods Act is its inclusion of Contract Terms & Conditions.

It all comes under the definition of Unfair Terms. In your case the test is whether you would've taken out the Service Contract if you knew that your boiler wasn't covered.

As I've said earlier, it is very unlikely that such matters end up in court. Most businesses simply respond properly to a letter/email of complaint.

No, the contract was never offered but I had to call them to find out this was the status. So no financial issue.
Update on my boiler call out experience outlined earlier. Finally got it repaired last week after 12 days no hot water. Engineer found another minor problem, did a temporary fix and promised to report it. A few days later to my surprise Corgi arranged another visit to fix the latest fault. Things are looking up I thought. But after I had waited in on the prescribed day I got a call to rearrange as the engineer was running late. Not an emergency so an annoyance but no big deal. Engineer arrived today and fixed the fault with a replacement part. More like it I thought. Only now the boiler is not working at all and needless to say Corgi cannot contact the engineer. So the saga continues. Ovo dump this travesty of a service as I will when my contract expires or I and all the people I have recommended OVO to will be dumping you.
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Ok @Macky. This is clearly a catalogue of errors, seemingly exacerbated by the Corgi strategy of using sub-contractors over whom they have no control.

Nevertheless, I stick to what I've written above... that the first action must be to raise a formal complaint with Corgi themselves. They may have shareholders and Directors whose investment has been derived from OVO Group Ltd., but they are operating as a separate company rather than as a subsiduary.

Corgi's complaints service is not regulated by Ofgem, and you will not therefore have the latter stage of referring the matter to the Office of the Energy Ombudsman. But then, nor is their financial compensation limited to the £50-£100 usually directed by the Ombudsman if the case is found in your favour.

When/If Corgi's complaints procedure fails to address the issues you raised with them, then by all means let's discuss how to use this to inform OVO's marketing policy for maintenance contracts.

... and keep us informed please. It would be useful for others in future months to refer back to this thread and see how Corgi's Official Complaints system worked.
Well credit where due, Corgi emailed the contractor who sent there engineer back the following day to rectify his error. Anyone can make a mistake and he made amends promptly. By and large the engineer who has been out to me has been good and I have no axe to grind there. The big let down has been the fact that it has taken nearly 3 weeks to finally resolve my boiler problem with 4 days without heating and 13 days without hot water. A service plan that can’t deal with emergencies promptly is actually worthless as it is peace of mind that you are purchasing that comes from the knowledge that help is at hand including after normal hours and at weekends. So Corgi might seem competitive but it fails when most needed whereas BG, with all its faults delivers crucially at the sharp end when boiler failure is a serious issue. They have the resources it seems to be there when needed and deal with you directly. That’s why I won’t be renewing my Corgi contract. I have no confidence in there ability to be there in an emergency.
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Have you still lodged a Complaint with Corgi @Macky?
Following a two hour service visit from a Corgi engineer on the 24th November we were still left with a non-functioning central heating system, which was the reason we called out an engineer. To add insult to injury we were told that the problem was due to debris in the radiators & pipework. The engineer reported this to his supervisor who informed us by phone that this situation was not covered under the Corgi Home Plan Insurance. We would need to organise a power flush ourselves and then the power flush company would need to provide a certificate of completion before Corgi would service the boiler again.
Instead we informed the original installer of our boiler & central heating system who sent an engineer on Monday 26th November. He immediately found the problem which was due to stuck pin in the diverter valve. He restored the central heating for us and since the part was defective he ordered a new part from Vaillant who replaced it on the 29th November.
Happily we saved ourselves £580, the cost of a power flush and now are enjoying a warm house.
The question we are now asking is, why did we pay £456 for two years Corgi Corgi Home Plan cover, when to date the cover & yearly servicing have been completely ineffectual. In addition Corgi on 10th December renewed my contract and increased the premium without consulting me or informing me. Having just learnt that OVO and Corgi are teaming up I will need to review my contract with OVO as my gas & electricity supplier. And yes I have complained to Corgi but was informed they will not uphold my complaint.
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Hi @100665705 - that's an awful experience!

It suggests that the first Corgi contractor to arrive on site wasn't competent to undertake the necessary fault-finding.

I note that you have complained to Corgi, but I wonder if they rejected the complaint verbally or in writing? I think you need it by email.

Corgi's Home Plan Cover with you is a Contract which clearly falls within the remit of the Consumer Rights Act, 2015 which is administered by the Citizens Advice Bureau. There is a stage of Alternative Dispute Resolution which avoids you having to file a Small Claim in the County Court.

If you do not (yet) have an email from Corgi declining to resolve your complaint, then I suggest you email them the story (as you wrote above). Inform them that you are prepared to take action under the Consumer Rights Act. State that unless they meet in full your request that they refund the parts and labour costs of your local heating engineer's visit, within five working days, then you will file the issue with the Citizens Advice Service.

This email is technically called a "letter before action". It must include the exact cost of what you are claiming from them, and you should provide a copy of any invoice as supporting evidence if possible.

Make sure you are writing to the correct Corgi Company. There are two sister companies at the same address:- Corgi Homeheat Ltd. and Corgi Homeplan Ltd. Check your Contract.

Finally, can I point out that although OVO have acquired both Corgi's, by buying out their shares, they are still operating as entirely separate companies with their own management. Ask again if you want further clarification.

Hope that helps!
Hi Transparent Ninja***

Thank you for your commiseration and advice. Indeed Corgi Homeplan rejected my complaint both verbally and in a written email which I insisted upon.

At that stage I had just made a complaint. Now following their inflexible behaviour I think I will make a claim. I have not had to pay labour costs to my local heating engineer who installed my boiler nor did I have to pay the Vaillant engineer for the labour and part he replaced. My claim will be for the full amount of my 2-year contract (£456) plus compensation for distress and inconvenience.

I had planned to take my case to the Financial Ombudsman but in light of what you say I will also consider the Citizens Advice Bureau route.

Corgi also renewed my contract which expires on the 25th December and took an advanced instalment by direct debit without asking my permission or informing me. They also increased my premium!

I will also be terminating my contract with OVO who I am currently paying £1,535 a year for gas & electricity.

Thank you again
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Corgi Homeplan rejected my complaint both verbally and in a written email which I insisted upon.

Corgi also renewed my contract which expires on the 25th December and took an advanced instalment by direct debit without asking my permission or informing me. They also increased my premium!

It's not good to hear about this experience, @100665705 but thanks for sharing it with our community.

Please raise this with the Corgi team so they have another chance to resolve this for you! Their contact details are here.
Hi Tim_OVO,

Thank you for your suggestion but I've already sent in my complaint & claim to the Financial Ombudsman.

I am very disappointed with OVO for being associated with Corgi Home Plan. The Corgi name once meant something but now it appears that Corgi Home Plan is just “trading on the good name” established by Corgi Registration or even “passing itself off” to the unsuspecting as Corgi.

I have been very happy with OVO in the 4 years they have supplied my gas & electricity.

Thank you