I'm an Economy Energy customer - what do I need to know?

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With Economy Energy folding and Ovo being instructed by OFGEM to take over, can you explain to me why I've been informed that Ovo will only take my electricity account and not my gas account. I was messaged ( end of Jan) to say an email would explain this. I have not received one.
Why is this the case?
Who will have my gas account?

I wasn't able to submit closing Economy Energy readings before 2nd Feb. Tried today but too late (and OVO's phone line seems permanently down). Just checked what Economy Energy had for my last bill and the readings provided by "Unknown on the 20th December" are much higher than the readings I took this morning. The credit balance I did have has been wiped out leaving bills owing for Gas and Electric in the hundreds. Any else have this and what happens now?
Ovo Energy took over when Economy Energy, my original suppliers, went into administration.

Prior to that I had begun a switchover to another energy company


The Energy company I've chosen cannot take over the gas supply as they say my meter is registered to the incorrect address (it was registered to the PLOT number as my house was a new build in 2010). The postcode is also incorrect.

Despite asking that this be correct in the system it still isn't and I NEED OVO ENERGY to correct this.

Trying to contact customer service to be told it's a 20-30 minute wait on the phone which I cannot in all honesty afford as I get billed over and above all calls outside of 7pm.

It's a simple matter to change it on ExoServe as the National Grid have informed me. But Ovo need to do this otherwise I have no idea what will happen!

Can someone please help or get Ovo to see this?


I am being switched to Ovo from Economy Energy. In response to Ovo's request for meter readings, I submitted a reading for electricity, but could not submit a reading for gas because the gas switch was said to have been cancelled. The message in full was 'Unfortunately your gas switch to OVO has been cancelled. We’ve sent you an email explaining why, so please check your inbox.' I have not received this email (I have checked spam folders). A possible reason for the cancellation is that recent estimates of my gas use by Economy Energy were hugely exaggerated (as presumably also for their other customers) to try to keep the company afloat, so it looks as if I owe them a lot of money (which I don't). So what should I do?
I recently changed from Economy Energy to Scottish Power.
Scottish Power started supplying my gas on 14th Dec and have billed me over last months use. You also have billed me so I need this payment back. You still supply my electricity so I really would like your help on this matter.
I have confirmed with national grid data base and Scottishpower do supply me gas.

Who do I contact for a refund. You should be aware that I have cancelled the direct debit to my account.
Hello I was with economy energy but have been told boost will be taking over I still haven’t received my warm home discount money yet was wondering if I will still be getting it as economy has went into administrators plz help
Hi, just before Economy Energy cased trading, they upped by gas direct debit from £28 per month to £245 per month. I didn't get chance to call them before everything was moved over to OVO, but I need to reduce it back to the normal level (or normal plus a bit if required). Two direct debits have been taken at the higher amount- one January and a second in February. How can I get these reduced prior to my March DD is taken?
I checked my back and even though my supply transferred to OVO Energy on 28th Jan, my direct debits to Economy Energy still got paid on 1st Feb 2019. Will this money transfer to Ovo energy accounts? Do I need to cancel these DD payments from going out of my bank account? Will I see new ones from OVO?
As with so many others I am owed £300 from Economy Energy, I have read the other conversations but can't find a link to contact Darren privately with my information. Can anyone explain please?
i have just received my welcome pack having been transferred from Economy Energy. There are two different rates quoted for gas and electricity, one on tariff information and the other on welcome plan overview, for example gas is 3.65 p per kwh and standing charge 25.82 p on tariff info and 3.48 and 24.59 on welcome plan overview, does anyone know which is correct?

The tariff info is the correct value inclusive of the 5% tax paid on gas and electric.
The welcome plan will be the excluding vat prices.

So the tariff info values are your inclusive values showing the total amounts in pence per kWh and standing charge.

I hope this helps clear things up.
Hi, I’ve also been transferred from EE. I was on holiday when I received your email asking for meter readings, got my mum to go in and take them, but couldn’t submit them online as others above have reported. I am now home and it is apparently too late to submit them. What should I do? I have the photos of the meter readings from the specified date.

My direct debit to Economy Energy was taken out of my account yesterday. Is this OVO taking the money and the bank hasn't caught up with that, or is there a danger of a second payment being deducted, this time by OVO directly?
Economy Energy has just debited me £148!!! What do I do?
Hello I was with economy energy but have been told boost will be taking over I still haven’t received my warm home discount money yet was wondering if I will still be getting it as economy has went into administrators plz help

Yes, you will - see https://www.boostpower.co.uk/economy-energy
Hello Ovo, I was an Economy Energy customer until October 2018. I moved supplier, and am due back £280 from outstanding credit on my account. I can see now why they never paid it back to me (even though I asked multiple times and had started the complaints procedure).

Can you tell me when I can expect my money back in my account please?

Many thanks.
im in the same boat as you stuartasutherland i have seen a post from darren saying to contact ovo by phone or email in order to register your claim as it can no longer be done via the forum
I sent an email with my details a week ago and have not had a reply.Yesterday after 4 or 5 attempts i was able to speak to ovo only to be told that they would not take my details ovo as far as im concerned are starting to sound/look like ee with no consistency with the info they give out.
What chance do OVO have of retaining the ex Economy Energy customers? Very little as far as I'm concerned. People are not stupid enough to stay on the variable tariff, and OVO have not offered a competitive fixed price tariff, therefore people are very likely to move to alternative suppliers. Several big 6 suppliers have better fix price tariffs than Ovo. OVO need to offer a competitive fix or they will lose those Economy Energy customers. After all, they were Economy Energy customers for only one reason, and it certainly was not customer service. Go figure!!!!
Hi steven.pc, thanks, cant find a number anywhere though. I’ll have a try tomorrow.

Hi steven.pc, thanks, cant find a number anywhere though. I’ll have a try tomorrow.

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Hi all,

Just to update, we are finally getting all of Economy Energy's account information transferred over to OVO. This means we are in a position to start working through checking the backlog of requests for refunds from customers that left Economy, before OVO was appointed as the new supplier.

This means we are no longer able to take your details via the forum. If you are an ex EE customer that is waiting for a refund, please get in touch. You can call our helpful team on 0330 303 5063, or message us on FacebookTwitter and our Help Centre has online chat. They will be able to take your details and add your information and request to our systems so allow us to speed up the process.

Anyone that has already sent their details through to the forum, rest assured you were added to the list we were previously collating, and you don't need to do anything right now.


please let me know how you get on they wouldnt take my info when i eventualy got to speak to them

Ohh I thought that EE were poor, but their web site sort of half worked.
I could submit a gas meter read. They never managed to get the electricity one to work, had to mail or call that one in. But it was cheep, you DO get what you pay for....
But I have been FORCED onto OVO, the standing charges and unit rates are much higher than EE and absolutely NOTHING WORKS...
Got asked for initial meter reads - I have many, the ones EE ignored, the ones from when they collapsed, etc. etc. - tried calling and the NO HELP chat - to try and find which reads to submit, eventually got a mail back, they had decided which of my reads to use 🤞🏽..
.Success I thought...
The day before yesterday I get a mail from OVO asking for this months meter reads, I log on today to give them, but the 'Your on your way' (to get fleeced by us) page is still up, initial reads obviously not added, and NO WAY to add a meter read on ANY page.
I now have the option of leaving it and being subject to the 'roll a dice and add any random number wild guesstimation' meter read or sit for the day on their Customer service number.. 0330 3035063 (its a hard to find number, so here it is if you need to waste a day)
All I want to do is get a proper meter read submitted, so that I can get an actual bill, so that I can move on ASAP..... I don't need all of this hassle in my life,,

P.S can anyone recommend a company with reasonable standing charges and unit prices??

PPS I'm going to be VERY surprised if this makes it through to the actual chat pages, I expect it will be vetted and an unfortunate ERROR WILL occur🤓 and it will disappear into a 'not to be reported to the boss deleted file'😉

So basically economy energy billed me wrong amount like additional 600 quid which i dint paid cuz i sorted it out on beginning of December by mobile call they said to me they will cancel the bill and prepare new one what didnt happen and on dash board my balance still remain unchanged. Now they remain silent nothing changed since then. What i should do now ?
I was with Economy Energy & the estimated readings were incorrect.
i have submitted recent correct readings to OVO which were queried, but cannot access anything on my accounts, I do not know what my payment balance was.
When will this be available!
I was transferred to ovo from economy energy will I still receive my warm home discount.
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Hi @Valb - we're working on getting accounts set up for everyone who moved over to us from Economy. It's unlikely we'll have been able to check the readings just yet and confirm which are being used on your account. It can normally take up to 6 weeks during a normal switch between suppliers.