HEATWAVE! So naturally I'd like you to think about WINTER!

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Hello everyone, while many of us will be basking in the sun yet again this weekend, NOW is the time to think about the Warm Home Discount scheme worth £140 to eligible customers! :)

Remember the scheme is first come - first served so to hear when to apply first visit and fill in a few basic details.

For more information on the WHDS, especially if you are a pensioner or someone on a low income/benefits/disabled, please check out this helpful page

It may be sunny now but trust me - you'll be glad you did come Winter!

Have a happy day!

Bumblebee :)

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Hi, do we know when this will be open yet please?
Ovo always seems to be a lot later than other suppliers.
I have pre-registered :-)
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Hi @Pepsi,

Welcome to the forum! It seems they haven't released the date it will open yet.
That being said if you have pre-registered you should be sent an email as soon as registration is open!

There is some other information on this thread:
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Thank you @Mw2870
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@Bumblebee @Pepsi,

Hopefully you guys have had an email, but the applications are now open.
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I have applied today thanks :-)
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