005: OVO Newswire - Your weekend reading, right here

  • 6 December 2019
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005: OVO Newswire - Your weekend reading, right here
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Part 5 incoming from me this week!


Here’s some interesting stuff from our OVO Newswire team, and their Instagram page this week.


Why ‘100% renewable energy’ pledges are not enough⁠…

Many large companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Netflix are setting the goal of being powered by “100 per cent renewable energy” — whether through direct procurement of supplies or offsetting policies.⁠ But do we need to hold companies to higher standards that better meet the planet's needs?⁠ Get the full story here.


'Our addiction to fossil fuels has pushed ocean to the brink of collapse' - Greenpeace⁠

Greenpeace’s latest report says the oceans are the Earth's largest carbon sink, trapping 50 times more than is in the atmosphere and 10 times more than that held by land-based vegetation.⁠ The NGO warns a global network of ocean sanctuaries is needed to help the seas store carbon and protect nature.⁠ More information here.


Flying car leaders talk public perception at a secret summit⁠


At a Texas conference hosted by Ross Perot Jr., air taxi innovators focused on how to get the public on board with their ideas.⁠ Do they understand how they work? Will they be comfortable flying through the air in small, and eventually unmanned, vehicles?⁠ Personally, I don’t think flying cars are our biggest concern at the moment! You can find out more here.


We really may have just 11 years to save the climate.⁠

We might only have 11 years to prevent climate change from crushing our planet. As the crisis becomes dominated by urgent survival needs, the political window to prevent further climate change will close.⁠ As Greta Thunberg rightly said “This is the biggest crisis humanity gas ever faced. This is not something that you can like on Facebook.” Time for global leaders to join forces and focus on our common goal? Full story on the Newswire website.


How to get solar power on a rainy day?...beam it from space⁠!


As we’re focusing more than ever on renewable resources of energy, a decades-old idea is finally getting a chance to shine—that is, a chance to send sunshine harvested by a satellite down to Earth.⁠ No idea how it’d be possible to do this? Find out here.


We can’t seem to get away from the topic of climate change can we?! Do we think flying cars are really a necessity with other pressing issues threatening the planet? @Transparent @PeterR1947 @vespalads @D10hul @NoPoke @Leo Moran 


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