003: OVO Newswire - Your weekend reading, right here

  • 22 November 2019
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003: OVO Newswire - Your weekend reading, right here
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Part 3, and it’s a good one!


Lots of news picked out by our OVO Newswire team, and their Instagram page this week. Here’s our hot picks for what might be a cold weekend:


Energy transition is only part of the change in electricity - Opinion, Nick Butler.⁠ Production and distribution is being disrupted in what is becoming a buyer’s market.⁠ Full story at


Become a seller of energy to the grid during peak times, with our V2G EV charger. See the latest import/export figures from our already-installed charges here! Speak to the likes of @Leo Moran @Ajerthebadger and @aaronr for more info on what these charges are like! 


Five key methods to make smart cities smarter.⁠ White Paper reveals and discusses technologies and approaches helping smart cities to combat a growing list of challenges.⁠ Full story at


Smart meters, V2Gsmart chargers and smart heating, we’re doing our bit to make cities smarter!


Smart technologies like this could mean a £6.9bn saving for the UK energy system: 


An electric car future?⁠ The use of residential flexible technologies such as smart EV charging and V2G as well as smart electric heating and in-home battery storage, could save the UK energy system £6.9bn. Full story at


See this great topic on driving an EV in winter, posted by one of our forum regulars @Leo Moran 


Fossil fuel production on track for double the safe climate limit. ‘We’re in a deep hole over the climate crisis and we need to stop digging,’ warn experts.⁠ Full story at


UK doing it’s bit though: 


UK tops G20 for decarbonisation rate but it won't be enough.⁠ The UK has the fastest decarbonisation rate of the G20 countries since 2000, according to PwC’s low carbon economy index.⁠ Full story at


See how you can go 100% renewable on your energy with our Green Energy add on - @Transparent has also got some tips on things you can do at home with your energy and gas consumption. Warning - things might get technical - he’s a super user for a reason! 


One last thing before we go - as some of you EV users may know, Tesla have launched their ‘Cybertruck’ on Thursday night. The launch was……. shattering. 


Something new, to say the least - the Tesla Cybertruck


It looks…. striking. It actually looks completely different to anything I’ve seen before. But does it look ‘good’…. discussion imminent: @Andras @larryj @IanJBelper @MaximumFish @ITGeek123 @PeterR1947 @NoPoke @Chris_OVO @tony1tf @Darran_OVO @UC Bear 


See you next week! 




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Unsure I would want to drive this Tesla, looks more like an army vehicle than a car!

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I agree @PeterR1947 , probably it was created for the military! Ev alternative to Hummer? 


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Love it or hate it, I think Tesla has taken a massive gamble with the Cybertruck design. My initial impression was ‘really?’ but now after a few days, I think it’s a bold design gesture that seems to be gaining traction and I can’t wait to see it in the metal. The mat black renders actually look really good.

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I mean, if I could afford a Tesla I think it would be a Model 3. But then again, if I can afford this truck I would definitely look into wrapping the car in a skin so it doesn’t look like a PS1 game. Oh wait! Dbrand are already offering this service :joy: Not sure if it is a troll but it’s an amazing idea and hope someone does this to their truck when they receive it. I shall be scouting Reddit when the truck releases haha