New OVO Smart Meter Experience - will we ever be getting a formal bill with this new system?

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No worries, @Ray, you can email the team about this on

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It sounds like your account was moved to our new online experience, @Jaycie17, take a look at the best answer for more info.

Hi - I would normally recive a bill on the 27th of each month. It seems that my November bill has got lost in the changes that have recently been made to the way charges are made and shown in our online accounts and OVO App.

So - I have all the bills up to and including 27th October showing in the “Statements before November 2019” pages but not the one October 28th to 27th November.

I then have the daily charges shown under the new system butonly from the 27th November. 

My problem is that well over £100 has gone out of my account and I don’t have a bill to show this - the November 27th Bill is not in my account.

Anyone any ideas how to find this?

Anyone else got this problem?


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It sounds like you’ve been moved to our new online experience, @CharlesE, take a look at Tim’s best answer for more info on this! :)

Reading the various questions and replies on this topic it seems like the new system was dreamt up by developers without any reference to OVO customers. It's OK saying “you'll get used to it". Not good customer service. Why not start new developments by asking your customers what they need rather than forcing ideas that are obviously not thought through on them?