New OVO Smart Meter Experience - will we ever be getting a formal bill with this new system?

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It sounds like your account was moved to our new online experience, @Jaycie17, take a look at the best answer for more info.

What on earth is going on? I have just got a “balance change” which has taken charges for 1st Feb to 8th Feb. First the billing got changed from mid month on 18th dec to calendar  month, now this. The system appears to have totally lost the statement for 18th Nov to 17th Dec. 

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It sounds like you’re on the new billing platform, @NigelGreensitt, take a look at the above thread, it’ll give you some further insight. 


I am not at all happy with any of this. Surely monthly statements are not to much to ask for, calendar month is more than acceptable. Even my water company provides a monthly meter statement, and there is not much change on that month to month With something like energy, which varies a great deal seasonally surely monthly statements are common sense? So I am now forced into starting the complaints procedure as from what I can see these changes were not clearly communicated to customers. Should I not receive satisfactory resolution, I will take it to the ombudsman.


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Hi @NigelGreensitt,

You’ll still get a monthly statement. It’s called a monthly summary on the new online platform, but functions in the same way as your old statements.