Warm Home Discount 2018 - we’re now taking applications (UPDATE 24/12/18: applications now closed)

  • 19 October 2018
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UPDATE: applications for 2018 to 2019 are now closed. Information about this year's application here.

Core Group: if you receive the Guaranteed element of Pension Credit, you’ll be paid the discount from whoever was supplying your energy on the 8th July 2018. The Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) will send you a letter soon to confirm your eligibility. Call them if you haven’t heard from them by the end of November: 0800 917 1003.

Broader Group: if you don’t receive the Guaranteed element of Pension Credit, you’ll need to apply for the Warm Home Discount. Filling out the application form is the best way to know if you’re eligible. If you’re still unsure, reach out to the Citizens Advice - they’re in the know when it comes to the UK’s benefits system! If you know you’re eligible but can’t get online to fill in the application, call us so we can complete it on your behalf: 0330 303 5063.

Once you’ve applied, you’ll get a confirmation email which lets you know we’ve got the application to check. You’ll then hear back from us within 5 working days to let you know if the application’s been approved. If you haven’t heard within 5 working days, then you can apply again (don’t worry if you need to apply more than once due to an error, it won’t affect your application).

For more information on eligibility and time frames, our Warm Home Discount page Warm Home Discount page has you covered!

**Updated 03/10/2019**

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33 replies

Warm Home Discount, i can't get any of the links to take me to the application form 😞
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hi @Annafairbairn, welcome to the forum!
Can you copy and paste it into your browser from here:

Ah, it was a problem with my phone, link worked on my laptop! Thanks
I'm with ovo why taking long time make warm discount approved they said 5 working days gone pass that 😠 how long dose it take get approved for this seem some people get there quick
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I too was told i'd hear WITHIN 5 days regarding the warm home discount application, that was 10 days ago, still not heard anything. Is this common practice for Ovo to NOT follow through with what they have promised their customers. It would be better for them to say e.g that customers will hear in approx 10-14 days, instead of getting people concerned
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ive just read in ovo's message above......"Once you’ve applied, you’ll get a confirmation email which lets you know we’ve got the application to check. You’ll then hear back from us within 5 working days to let you know if the application’s been approved. If you haven’t heard within 5 working days, then you can apply again (don’t worry if you need to apply more than once due to an error, it won’t affect your application).".........erh, excuse me, but why on earth should we have to keep reapplying, we've applied once, so our application should be there............... i'm afraid once my contract is up, with the way things are being dealt with such as this, i cant see me staying
Since apply for ovo warm discount still not hear nothing keep call them ask what update they said invaidle to me so they check what benefit I get dont take that long to do gone more 5 days now gone 3 weeks serious keep ring them unit I get answers
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i have re applied
I have told Ovo if i wish to make a complaint i'll ask. Yes i get any sign of disatisfaction Ofgem require it to be noted. But repeatedly i'm having complaints forced on my causing me huge stress.
Why can't you ask not presume?
I'm now going to have to remove my phone number from my account already taken my email address off it due to this. As i don't want people pestering me. I want this sorted quickly. Callbacks don't come either.
Tonight all i wanted was clarity over my warm home discount application. Told no record of my application but got email saying they'll be in touch within 5days way past nothing. Customer service said there was a back log Immediately i'm blamed for making an error. I asked repeatedly if you apply online do Ovo tell me if this is the case? Or application refused no answer. Told to repeatedly apply! DWP will love that.Next thing logged a complaint. I had said no complaint wanted. I have sent begging messages to close it straight away. It is counterproductive for me as i am noe stressed out my head customer services & social media tell you different things. All i want is both to listen,advise the same & correctly& help in the way i have asked & want. Not in the way they think is best. I am scared i'm now going to get my WHD. Have the DWP on my back if i apply repeatedly. Have Ovo ignoring my wishes. I expect this from the Big 6 not Ovo.
I need help with WHD application 1 question confused me so benefits worker submitted it.
No way will i ever go to ombudsman again.
How can i get Ovo to listen & respect my wishes? I need to deal with this in am & beg complaint is closed again.
How do i find out what's going on with my WHD?

Any suggestions
Benefits advisor submitted my WHD application. Got email saying hear in 5 days. Customer services say backlog so it's taken longer.
Facebook say no record of application. Just to apply repeatedly.
I've asked several times are you told if it's been unsuccessful no answer.
You can only get 1 WHD payment. I think it will cause issues with DWP applying several times.
Facebook then foisted another complaint on me when i don't want one. I have told Ovo i will say if i want a complaint. It causes me huge stress other people making decisions that i don't want.
I'm now going to remove my phone number as i don't want them pestering me.
I'm entitled to the WHD. Worried i won't get it.
Can Ovo lose applications?
Do they tell you if you've been refused it?
Can you apply over & over?
All i want is to not be in a heat or eat position.
Can someone tell me what format eg your supposed to put your postcode and account number im doing postcode with space
eg xxx xxx and account number exactly how it is on my documents but saying incorrect for either postcode or account number.
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try without a gap for the postcode hun
Hi @dylanmagic - you've raised a number of questions here, so I though it would be best to list the answers in points below:

Can Ovo lose applications? - No, every application we receive is processed and the outcome is emailed to the customer. I'm sorry you were given incorrect information on the phone. If we haven't received your application, this is down to an error on the form submitted.

Do they tell you if you've been refused it? - Yes, we'll tell you if your application has been accepted or rejected.

Can you apply over & over? - Yes, you can apply multiple times.

Please check out the best answer at the top for more information.

I'd really recommend applying again, we'll then email you within 5 working days with the outcome. If this forum answer has resolved the complaint on your account. Send me a PM with your full name, account number and DoB - and I'll close it for you.
Called customer services yesterday.
I'd have preferred the social media team didn't tell me something they couldn't access/didn't know/mislead/lie as it really stressed me out.
If they can't see an applications has been received don't say there's no record of it. I sent screenshots to them proving it was submitted. But still told no record of it.
I asked repeatedly do they tell you if it's refused but they never answered my question.

My application was received and accepted but i got no email as the WHD team are inundated with applications.
Complaint has been closed.
It is now on my account that no complaints to be opened without my consent.
The social media team will be spoken to about both things.
Due to them pushing complaints on me & leaving me scared to answer my phone,my phone number has been removed from my account.

I don't understand how to PM someone one on here. But complaint is already closed.
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I never received an email saying I had been successful, however I did receive a letter today and am relieved that I will be getting the £140 in 6 weeks.
I got 2 duplicate letters today saying my application was successful.
It's reassuring to know they are contacting people.
It's the inconsistencies with what they say that's disappointing. If you aren't going to meet the timescale set out (5days) tell people.
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well, i am applying for the 3rd time, still not heard that my application has been successful....... i am NOT happy about this, its absolutely ludicrous that you have to keep reapplying if you dont hear after 5 days......
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morning everyone, seeing as i have been quick enough to write that i hadnt heard anything concerning my application, i have some news for you all, my postman has just been, and..... a letter from ovo, and yes, my application has been successful. I cant tell you the relief to know that its gone thru. May i apologise now, for seemingly being impatient. The letter has actually taken 4 days to get to me. Thank you
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Hey @Silversurfer - glad to hear you've got your confirmation letter now! You're right it might take slightly longer if we're sending your confirmation via post.

Hi I have completed the application form and received an email acknowledgement and await the verdict... However the form made no mention of the new benefit PIP (Personal Independence Payment) which has replaced the DLA. So I could not include this! Will I be turned down and when will the application form be updated if I need to reapply?
Just completed the application form and submitted it but it is out of date! I does not mention the PIP (Personal Independence Payment) which is replacing the DLA... What can I do when my application is turned down?
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Good question @Oxygenuser. The Warm Home Discount application doesn't mention any disability benefit, apart from tax credits/premiums. The questions refer to all disability benefits, DLA, PIP or otherwise.

Hope this helps. 🙂

Hi my name is *removed by moderator* apparently you are my suppliers for gas and electric but because I’m on payment metres I do not receive letters ? I please need to no my account number as I am in a position where I can claim the warm home discount but cannot fill out the application until I have the account number . So if you could please send it me I will be very grateful. Thank you .
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@caroline obrian I advise you delete this ASAP as you have posted your home address. It is very important you do not post your home address on a public site.

Get in touch with the Boost team to confirm your account number. They're on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/boostpoweruk/ or email: hello@boostpower.co.uk

Apply for the warm home discount with Boost here: https://www.boostpower.co.uk/warm-home-discount
Can I apply I receive ESA and PIP