Warm Home Discount 2018 - getting ready to apply

  • 5 September 2018
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27 replies

I did speak to someone about this on the telephone. She was incredibly helpful and helped me fill in the application form. She also said Ovo would contact me if they needed more information. But I'm still not sure if I've answered some of the questions correctly.
For example . . . what counts as household income? I don't have a partner but I have a non-dependent son. I have told Ovo this. But does his income count?
It is taken into account for things like Housing Benefit and Council Tax but it isn't, as far as I'm aware, for things like help with my NHS costs such as spectacles etc.
Also for many years I've been entitled to free prescriptions because of a long term chronic illness but now I'm also entitled to them because I'm a pensioner.
Not sure what to do.
Hi Nancy,
thanks for your reply but I'm not confused about my benefit entitlement/tax credits.

I was confused about whether or not I met the criteria for the Warm Home Discount as distributed by OVO. I still am.

Is there any way I can contact whichever department makes the decision? I really need to speak to someone about this.