How can I save more energy at home?

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There are so many ways to save energy in your home, some are small, quick wins, others require a bit more work, but the energy savings you will see longer term make them worth it.

Energy saving top tips:

- Laptops typically use 85% less electricity over the course of a year than desktop PCs.
- The size of your TV screen makes a huge difference to its running costs. An A-rated 22″ LCD TV could cost as little as £4 to run over the course of a year. A 60″ TV will could cost up to £30.
- Each TV or computer left on standby is estimated to cost you 2p per hour.
- A fridge freezer can account for 5% of a household’s annual electricity bill. Defrosting it regularly will reduce how hard it has to work and can save £100 a year.
- Eco kettles (which only boil as much as you need) can use 20% less energy than a conventional electric kettle.

Around the home:
- Heavy curtains can reduce heat loss through windows by 40%.
- A lot of heat released from the back of a radiator can be lost through an uninsulated solid wall. Radiator reflectors can reflect up to 95% of this ‘wasted heat’ back into the room.
- Lighting makes up 10% of the average household’s electricity bill. Switching to LED bulbs uses 90% less energy than halogen bulbs.
- Just switching off lights when you leave the room could save upwards of £50 a year.
- Turning your thermostat down one degree can save nearly £100 per year.
- DIY draught-proofing of windows, doors and floorboards can save £25-35 a year on energy bills.

Saving water and energy:
- Washing up under a running tap could cost you up to £30 extra a year on your energy bills compared to filling a sink or bowl.
- A 40°c wash uses a third less energy than a 60°c cycle and will usually wash just as effectively.
- A water saving shower head can save a household of four £67 a year on gas and £100 on water bills if they have a water meter.
- Insulating your hot water cylinder could save approximately £150 a year. If your tank is already lined with factory foam, savings could amount to £20-30 a year. It will pay back in a year or less!

Investing in your home:
- A new gas boiler is about 25% more efficient than a 20 year old boiler – you could save up to £270 a year on bills by replacing it.
- Cavity wall insulation could save £150 on heating bills per year.
- Installing external wall insulation can prevent up to 40% of heat loss from your home.
- It has been calculated that we lose 4% of household heat through a chimney that's not properly insulated.

If you have any other great ways to save energy, get sharing below.

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I don't switch my Sony TV off at the wall but by a button in a rear recess, which I presume is still on standby, as I switch it back on with my Sky remote. I haven't done an assessment of what the energy usage is on standby compared to switching off - anyone done this??
I'm not sure if leaving the TV on standby versus switching off affects reliability or life of a TV - I've had the Sony over 4 years, with no apparent problems (touch wood!!)
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@<br /> I have a Samsung Smart TV that has the same thing and I always switch it off at the wall when I'm not watching it and its last 5 years so far! Anyone else do this or had issues at all? Maybe [user=1141]SianiAnni, @ITGeek123, @Steve587??
I turn my tv and virgin media box off at the wall when I'm not watching, and never had any problems.
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I’m going to say I’m naughty and leave my TV on standby 😞 with the energy efficient being A I just leave it on standby. Sorry I can’t answer that but my step dad has been turning his tv off at the wall for the 12 years I’ve known him and all his TV’s have been fine
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@mansbestfriend that's probably a question for Google or the manufacturer if I'm being totally honest with you!

I have a Samsung Smart TV that has the same thing and I always switch it off at the wall when I'm not watching it and its last 5 years so far! Anyone else do this or had issues at all? Maybe @SianiAnni, @ITGeek123, @Steve587??

Welcome to the forum by the way! Good to have you on board!! 🙂
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Very good thanks @Bumblebee, hope you're well too. I'll be sure to have a look at the calculator!
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Don't know if this helps but IF you are on a water meter you can free shower heads, tap aerators, save a flush bags for your toilet and even water saving crystals for your pot plants! This will make a difference to your bills. (you can get these without a water meter free, but water bills without a meter are based on your Council Tax valuation, NOT how much water you use! (But I will LOVE anyone for doing this for the environment!)

If you don't already have a water meter there is a calculator on each companies website to work out if you will save money or not (Just Google "Water meter calculator *Company name*) you can keep it for a year then have it removed free of charge if its not working out cheaper, so well worth a thought.

Personally my bill halved, of course i couldn't promise this to everyone but check the company calculators, and be sure to order a free water saving kit from your company.
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Hey Darran,

I thought i'd jump on here and give you a hand! I have saved money on my water bill with this awesome shower head. It has also helped with cleaning the shower from living in a hard water area. I would highly recommend this product. You do not need to get it from this website, plenty from Amazon or Ebay.

Going back to the article I wrote which you can find here ( During the winter, I would recommend investing in a smart thermostat to help keep your heating bills under control.

As for electric, I have smart plugs which schedule when the lamps turn on and off. I have seen a significant change in my electric bill by having these smart plugs installed (As my other half tends to forget to turn off the lights) There are many smart plugs you can purchase online, I would recommend the Hive smart plugs and TP-Links.
Great tips Darran.

Just one question, if your tv doesn't have a off switch and can only be set to stand-by, is it ok to switch off at the plug to save energy, can it damage a tv doing things this way?

Own a LG tv.
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Very interesting, @Bumblebee! My water bills are currently not on a meter. I wonder how much we'd save if we got one installed! :?:?:S
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Very interesting, @Bumblebee! My water bills are currently not on a meter. I wonder how much we'd save if we got one installed! :?:?:S

Good morning to you Nancy! :)

A quick calculator is well worth doing :8

Hope you are well today 🙂
Thanks for the replies guys.