Why haven't I received a statement?

  • 16 February 2018
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Hi@Tim_OVO  so I contacted your customer service guys two months ago, was told I would be getting a statement … here we are two months later and still nowt. Contacted them again today and was told “we don’t offer statements to pay as you go customers” … which I get, except I’m not  PAYG

So, what’s occurring? 6 months since I’ve had a statement, which means I literally can’t see what’s gone on with my account … and no, I’m not going to sit down and work it out for myself by piecing it together from my usage - and besides which, there is still the question of my credit from Economy Energy - the only evidence I have that it was applied to my account is a Facebook messenger post from boostpoweruk … not really good enough is it?

Any chance of some proper customer service?

Well, this is brilliant, now the guys at boostpoweruk are telling me that they are nothing to do with Ovo. Despite me having a chat history that says otherwise. Fantastic.