Why have I paid more in April than in March, when my usage was actually less?

Hi, I have just received my statement for April and I have paid significantly more than I did more March, whilst my usage was actually less. Although it says on the ovo dashboard that my usage is 13% more, the actual meter readings show that I used less.

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That's odd @elliottc, it may be to do with estimation.

If you provide a meter reading on your online account, it would override any estimations, which would then override this high bill.

If this was to an actual meter reading, then it may be that the previous month was an estimate, and the estimate was too low. This would mean you'd have to play catch up, and it would look like a much higher usage than expected.


My readings for Feb, March and Apr are all roughly the same that is why I am confused.
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Hey @elliottc,

Your readings should have gone up, if you've been at the property using gas and electricity.

Did you provide a meter reading online just before each bill was due?

I mean the readings for my usage. Yes I did provide a meter reading for each one.


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