When does my self service reward get paid?

  • 22 November 2018
  • 27 replies

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27 replies

Further to my previous emails about the non payment of my SSR. After much discussion with OVO they have agreed to pay me the £15 SSR as a ‘goodwill’ gesture and have claimed that it was not paid as a result of a ‘misunderstanding’ about contact I had with them. The only contact I had with them was when they contacted me to wrongly tell me to increase my DD. I replied telling them my DD amount was perfectly fine and after checking they agreed with me. So I was going to lose my £15 because OVO gave me wrong advice and I queried it. That’s why this scheme is completely unworkable in its present format.
Still do not know why I haven't received the full credit. I notice that changing the direct debit may have some effect, I did reduce mine by £15 per month after paying an additional £200 into my account in November, this shouldn't affect my credit. I can remember a few years ago that when I renewed my contract it didn't automatically renew the credit, after contracting OVO it was renewed but I lost 1 months credit.


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