Sharing the bad experience my 93 year old father has had with billing on his account

  • 2 December 2018
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93 year old father switched to OVO because of their apparent good reputation !! Twelve months later, after many, many meter readings from visiting meter readers and many many telephone conversations with OVO he still has had no statement, has no idea how much energy he is using or how much it is costing him !

He took part in six Arctic Convoys during WW2 but his experience of dealing with OVO has been more upsetting, worrying and daunting than any of them.

2 replies

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That sounds dire. I'm sorry this is so distressing for you and your Father.

I think you should be taking this through OVO's https://[url=*Complaints Procedure[/url]. There are only two stages and they take nothing like 12 months!

The first stage requires OVO to respond within 5 days. If that hasn't resolved the issue, then stage-2 must be completed within 8 weeks. After that, you may take the matter to the Office of the Energy Ombudsman.

I suggest you use emails to because you then retain a date/time stamp as a marker of when the complaint was made.

And is your Father on the https://[url=*Priority Services Register[/url]?

If so, then you can be a named advocate, and handle all aspects of his energy supply on his behalf.
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Sorry. The new Forum software has messed up my second paragraph.

The link you require is to OVO's Complaints Procedure.