No statements after smart meters installed - why?

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I had Smart Meters (gas and electricity) installed on 3rd March. When will I see my first statement? Your FAQ says it can take 6-8 weeks (though not why it takes so long), but it is now over 10 weeks.

I can see my usage on the website (though strangely not in the app), so I know the meter readings are going to you, and obviously my DD credits are accumulating, so the lack of statements is not a major issue, but presumably I ought to be getting them at some point ...


Thanks @rgphilpott - yes no fear @Mattj3135 I'm here and ready to advise 😛 Well actually, I've already got this sorted and I've sent them a PM to advise.

For anyone else with the same issue, this is often caused by a delay in setting up your account with your new meter details. We allow ourselves 6-8 weeks to get this done, and a delay of this long is perfectly normal. If it's longer, something's not quiet right, and it tends to need someone from OVO to have a quick look and get it sorted. So if it's been over 6-8 weeks since the smart meters were fitted and you still have no bill, drop me a PM with your account number, name and DoB so I can take a look!


Now that is what you call service! Thank you @Tim_OVO