No statements after smart meters installed - why?

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Hey @DebA,

I've moved your post onto this topic where you should be able to find the info you need.

We had smart meters fitted at the beginning of July. However neither of the two bills received since then give any indication about gas usage, but only show electricity. Is this to be expected and will it rectify itself in due course? The app on the phone shows that gas is being used so I assume the meter is working and is communicating,
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I had Smart Meters (gas and electricity) installed on 3rd March. When will I see my first statement? Your FAQ says it can take 6-8 weeks (though not why it takes so long), but it is now over 10 weeks.

I can see my usage on the website (though strangely not in the app), so I know the meter readings are going to you, and obviously my DD credits are accumulating, so the lack of statements is not a major issue, but presumably I ought to be getting them at some point ...

Thanks @rgphilpott - yes no fear @Mattj3135 I'm here and ready to advise 😛 Well actually, I've already got this sorted and I've sent them a PM to advise.

For anyone else with the same issue, this is often caused by a delay in setting up your account with your new meter details. We allow ourselves 6-8 weeks to get this done, and a delay of this long is perfectly normal. If it's longer, something's not quite right, and it tends to need someone from OVO to have a quick look and get it sorted. So if it's been over 6-8 weeks since the smart meters were fitted and you still have no bill, drop us a message on Facebook, Twitter or email:


I've moved your post here, @DebA, the above best answer by @Tim_OVO, this will put you on the right track.

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I have been receiving monthly bills following the installation of a Smart Meter, but I only receive billing for gas and only these payments are taken from my account - i.e. I am not being billed for electricity, in spite of having a dual fuel account.
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Have a look at the 'best answer', @richardjohnholmes (at the top) - it advises on the 6 week time frame we allow to update the account following a smart meter exchange.

If it's been longer, we'll need to diagnose this, and when I say 'we', I mean our friendly membership Care team: or on Facebook