No gas bill or statement since joining OVO - why?

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@geoffss - it might be best to get in touch with the team about this so they can correct the error - 0330 303 5063.
I haven't received anystatements in my on line account since August 2018. Why?
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Hey @Lisadeaville - I've moved your post onto this thread where you can find more info ☝🏼
I have been supplied electricity from OVO since February but other than the odd marketing email I have received no statements or requests for meter readings. I downloaded the app at the outset but all that gives me is my switching information so I’ve now dumped that and downloaded the OVO app. As I’ve signed up to paperless I don’t want to contact OVO direct and incur a charge but am frankly a bit worried. What should I do?
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You should've received a statement by now, @Flatfluff.

We'll need to look into this, don't worry you won't lose your self service reward for getting in touch about this.

You can send us a message on Facebook, Twitter or email the team on
Thanks I have sent a message via Facebook so hoping for a resolution.
I sent my details as requested via Facebook PM a week ago and still have received no response. Hardly impressive.
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I've sent you a PM, @Flatfluff, so we can look into this!

Renewed 2 year fixed rate plan in August 2019. Subsequently noticed hadn’t been billed for any useage since July 2019. Reported this to Ovo who said my smart meter had stopped sending readings. Have now received from Ovo out of the blue a new 2 year fixed rate letter, increasing my unit rate by more than 2 pence per kWh from the confirmed rate I agreed in August. Customer services told me today they won’t honour my August rate. Totally unacceptable. Have lodged a formal complaint with Ovo and intend to take this matter further if not satisfactorily resolved

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What’s the latest with this, @NotHappy ? Not a good experience you’ve described so I hope our Member Care team can get things back on track for you! 

Just an update. I have finally received my first statement since I joined OVO way back in February! At least it’s an easy to understand statement and I know where I am now but boy was it a long time coming…....

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Thanks for sticking with us, @Flatfluff, I’m glad to hear you’re finding it an easy to understand statement, even if it did take us an age to get it to you!