I give meter readings each month, why is my bill still based on estimates?

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Hello OVO

I do hope one day or year soon you'll get monthly "gas usage estimates" rather more accurate.

For the next month, Sept 2108, your estimate is 810Khw. In Sept 2017 we used 62Khw. Sept 2016 we used 94Khw.
For October 2018, the estimate is 1140Khw. 2017 we used 62Khw & in 2016 just 125Khw.
November 2018, estimate is 1296Khw. 2017 we gobbled 281Khw and 2016 brrrrr 596Khws.
The pattern seems to be for really dumb excessive gas estimates for the summer & autumn seasons. No idea why. Maybe you guys need to change your bit of seaweed & the pine cone in Bristol?

I guess your energy estimates factor in your monthly DD recommendation, if we followed that we'd build a cash holding with you. No big licks but I don't bank with my greengrocer & OVO's no different.

Please don't suggest Smart (truly an oxymoron) Meters. They plainly were designed by the same committee who came up with the platypus duck. A good old mate of mine has been fully employed battling these past 10yrs to somehow get the software for them to work & I think he's not finished yet :D

End of grumble.
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@Brian out on the Suffolk coast thanks for sharing. Where's this monthly estimate you see? I'll be able to advise how it's calculated when I know this! As for building up credit, that is the plan for fixed tariff customers. Build up credit in the summer (3-5% annual interest) and eat into this in the winter. If we were to do it the other way and have our customers in debt for half the year, we wouldn't have the liquidity to buy our energy in bulk at a great price for the customer - fair enough?
I joined Ovo 5 Feb 2018 in the hope they would an be an improvement on my previous supplier who totally trashed my gas usage. I called Ovo before transferring and was assured they would sort it all out within a few months (I think 16 weeks was mentioned for some reason). Here I am nearly a year on and my last bill showed I used just under 4 units per day, but despite many calls OVO still estimate 13 units a day! I gave them a reading of 5086 on 4th jan, equating to less than 4 units per day based on last bill, Ovo estimated 1 day usage and added 13 units to my bill! The impact of this on current plan is not huge, but Ovo want to double my direct debit if I renew or put me on standard tariff if I don’t sign up for new plan, add to this I haven’t been able to take advantage of any offers during my contract because the estimates are always so high. It seems to me despite promising to sort with the meter company, Ovo are making no effort as they make more money out of me if they don’t sort it. I can’t even leave for another provider as the rubbish estimate will move with me and I’ll have to start all over again. I can’t even phone them to complain without losing my discount!
before anyone suggests smart meters, I did book an installation, took a days holiday from work and pretty much the first thing the installer said to me was they can’t install in the gas boxes Redrow use on new homes and Ovo know that!!!!

anyone else had similar nightmares and is there an answer?
How do I correct and estimate after the statement has been issued.

I keep getting charged for off-peak electricity despite having turned the heaters off in April What happens is that I get a reminder to give a meter reading. When the statement comes there is a few days estimate. The next month, when I try to put in the actual reading, Ovo don’t accept the actual reading as it is lower than the previous months estimate. So I can only put the figure from the previous statement. This way the figure keeps going up and up - especially as ovo’s estimate for those few days is so high.
all in all I have been charged for 200 units that I haven’t used.
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I've moved your post here, @Mulletty, take a look at Darran's best answer for more info on this.

To correct an estimated reading you would need to get in touch, you can send us a message on Facebook or Twitter with your name, DoB, account number and up to date meter reading.

If you don't use social media, email the team on